The Difference between EIT UV Power Puck ii and LS128

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The Linshang LS128 UV energy meter is an UV measurement instrument specifically designed to test UV LED light sources. In addition to this, there is also an UV energy meter for testing high-pressure mercury lamps. However, because there is no uniform international standard for the detection of UV LED light sources, many customers will doubt the data they have tested. If the customer used EIT UV power puck before purchasing our UV energy meter, it is not difficult to find that the data of the two UV measurement instruments are completely different.

1. EIT UV power puck ii

EIT UV Power Puck ii can test the UV intensity and energy values of four bands, UVA (320-390nm), UVB (280-320nm), UVC (250-260nm) and UVV (395-445nm), the spectrum of the instrument the response curve is shown on the left side of the figure below. 

2. LS128 UV energy meter

The Linshang LS128 UV Energy Meter can be used to test any UV LED source in the 365-405 nm range with a spectral response range of 340-420 nm. The spectral response curve is shown on the right side of the figure below.

EIT UV Power Puck ii

3. What's the data difference between two UV energy meters?

Customers often ask us how much data difference between the two UV measurement instruments. In fact, we have no way to tell an exact value, because the difference in spectral response range between the two UV measurement instruments is very large, and we have no prototype to test. However, a customer has done a test for us some time ago, and the result is that the data tested by LS128 UV energy meter is about 65% of the EIT UV power puck ii data. Of course, this result is still to be verified.

4. Reasons for data discrepancy between two UV energy meters

The difference in UV measurement instrument data is mainly due to the fact that there is no international standard for UV LED light source. Therefore, customers are expected to understand the difference in data between different brands. Of course, the data between Japanese USHIO and EIT UV power puck also has huge differences.
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