High-precision Gloss Checker Stability and Consistency

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The Linshang LS192 high-precision gloss checker is a professional instrument with good stability and consistency. The accuracy of each instrument is closely related to the stability of the data. The higher the accuracy, the better the stability and consistency.

    Linshang is a professional gloss checker manufacturer, and the LS192 gloss checker is a high-precision gloss checker. For a professional instrument, the stability and consistency of the data are very important parameters. The measurement accuracy of the instrument and the stability and consistency of the data are inseparable.
    The high stability of the high-precision gloss checker means that the same instrument repeatedly measures the same material repeatedly and the data is stable. The good consistency means that different instruments of the same model detect the same material, and the data is consistent. Stability and consistency are interdependent. Only the high-precision gloss checker has good stability, consistency is good, and measurement accuracy is good.
    The parameters of Linshang Technology's high-precision gloss checker are as follows:
    1. Resolution: 0.1GU
    2. Repeatability: 0-100: ±0.2; 100-200: ±0.2%
    3. Reproducibility: 0-100: ±0.5; 100-200: ±0.5%
    4. Zero error: 0.1GU
    5. Error of indication: 0-100: ±1.5; 100-200: ±1.5%

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    In addition, the data of the high-precision gloss checker is also consistent with BYK, and the data can ensure the detection through the metrology institute.
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LS192 Gloss checker".

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