60 Degree Gloss Meter for Sale

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Gloss meter manufacturer's LS192 has certain advantages in price and function. Moreover, the instrument is guaranteed to pass the measurement inspection, and if the calibration certificate is necessary, Linshang Technology can help the users to send it for calibration.
    There are many manufacturers of gloss meter for sale in China, and the instruments produced are very different in shape, price and function.
    The Linshang 60 degree gloss meter manufacturer has certain advantages in comparison with other brand of gloss meter.
    Advantage 1:
The 60 degree gloss meter LS192 is designed with all-aluminum design and metal buttons. The texture is very good when used. In contrast to the gloss of the plastic body, the all-aluminum body can be used for a long time.

192 60 degree gloss meter

Advantage 2: The gloss meter price of the 60 degree gloss meter for sale is 1780RMB (165dollars), which is very cost-effective for a gloss meter with a measuring range of 0 to 1000 GU.
    Advantage 3: With temperature compensation function, calibration can be used for a long time, the measurement environment is different, or when the temperature and humidity are different, there is no need to calibrate again. The instrument will automatically adjust the LED luminous efficiency according to the environment, so there is no need to calibrate. It can also measure accurately.
Advantage 4: The instrument produced by the gloss meter manufacturer on the market only displays one data measured at the time of measurement, but the gloss meter LS192 can display and measure the measured data in real time, and the measurement result is clear at a glance. During the measurement, the screen will display the real-time value, the maximum value, the minimum value, the average value, and the standard deviation. The uniformity of the material is judged by the magnitude of the mean squared difference.
Advantage 5: Equipped with special software which can be connected to the computer with USB to print out the test report.
The Linshang
60 degree gloss meter for sale has so many advantages, if you still have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.