Ultra Small UV Intensity Meter

Time:2019/07/20 09:21:00 Browse:690

Still worried that the exposure machine space is too small and the general  UV intensity meter can not be used? Linshang Technology has developed a small size UV intensity meter for narrow space.

LS126A UV intensity meter, the biggest feature is the use of ultra-small probe design. The probe width is only 7.2mm and aperture diameter is 3mm compared with the traditional probe size 39mm ×32mm ×15mm(L*W*T). It is the smallest probe on the market. 

Linshang LS126A UV intensity meter

Although the size of the probe is very small, the function is very comprehensive compared with other conventional probes. The sampling speed is 2000 times / sec, spectral range is 340nm-420nm, calibrated at 395nm LED light source. And the power range is 0-20000mw/cm2.The UV power unit can also be switched between mw/cm2, m/cm2 and w/m2. The LS126A UV intensity meter price is also very affordable.

At the same time, the instrument can also support customization and the probe size can be customized according to the actual test conditions of the customer, If you have related needs, please come to consult.