Q&A about Digital Glass Thickness Gauge

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Linshang is a professional manufacturer of insulating glass thickness gauges. How to measure glass thickness? There are two digital glass thickness gauges, LS200 and LS201, which are suitable for detecting the thickness of glass on the single side surface of glass.

  1. How many digital glass thickness gauges does Linshang Technology have? How does it compare with similar instruments on the market?
        A: There are two models, LS200 hollow glass thickness gauge and LS201 digital glass thickness gauge, which are all developed by our company (LS is the acronym of Linshang). The LS200 is comparable to the thickness gauge from Merrill Lynch in Germany, with only one-third the price. The LS201 is a digital glass thickness gauge that reads Arabic numerals directly and is easy to use. At present, a thickness gauge of the US EDTM can be compared, but its function is complicated, and the English menu is expensive.

  2. What is the accuracy of these two digital glass thickness gauges?
        A: The accuracy of the LS200 is 0.5mm, and the accuracy of the LS201 is 0.1mm. National Metrology Institute calibration is available.

    digital glass thickness gauge measure IG glass

  3. Is there a high probability of repairing a digital glass thickness gauge like this?
    A: The instrument for measuring thickness generally cannot be bumped or dropped. Otherwise, the optical device will loosen and the rupture will cause maintenance. In the case of normal use, the probability is very low.

  4. These two thickness gauges, what are the general problems?
    A: When the LS200 glass thickness gauge is used for too long and there is no response after pressing the button. First, we need to confirm whether there is no power. Customers are advised to replace the Sony CR2302 coin cell battery.

If the first layer of glass, air layer and second layer of glass data is not accurate when use the LS201 curtain wall digital glass thickness gauge, please check whether there is cracks on the back of the instrument, or the data is definitely not accurate.



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