Linshang LS125 UVB Light Meter

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For the detection of the intensity of ultraviolet light, it is necessary to select UV light meter of different wavelength bands for ultraviolet rays of different wavelength bands. UV-B wavelength is less abundant in sunlight, but UV-B lamps are widely used. For UV-B intensity detection, an UV-B light meter is required.

Application of UVB light meter

1. UVB welding arc intensity detection (290nm)

Welding operations can cause arcing radiation to the human body. Among them, the arc welding mainly includes infrared rays, visible rays and ultraviolet rays, and the UVB ultraviolet rays are required to be measured by a UVB light meter.

2. UVB reptile lamps intensity detection

Many reptiles, such as lizards, turtles, and snakes, need to be exposed to sunlight, and the decomposition of vitamin D3 is used in the body to absorb calcium. Otherwise, the reptiles will suffer from snoring called rickets. However, during the feeding process, it is not easy to receive sunlight, and direct sunlight will cause the temperature in the cage to be too high, which will be harmful to the health of reptiles. Therefore, UVB lamp for reptiles can be used to simulate the supplementation of sunlight.

3. UVB treatment lamp intensity detection (311nm)

The UVB Ultraviolet Light Therapy is a dual-shielding technology that resists electromagnetic waves and current interference, making the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis (psoriasis) more constant.

As a professional manufacturer of UV light meters, Linshang Technology offers a range of UV measurement instrument. The instrument for detecting UVB lamps is the UVB light meter: LS125+UVB probe.

LS125 UVB light meter

In addition to detecting UVB intensity, the instrument can also measure energy values with data statistics. For more product information, please read "How to Measure Ultraviolet Radiation Intensity by a UV Lamp Intensity Meter?"



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