Difference between High Performance Insulating Glass and Ordinary Insulating Glass.

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Insulating glass is a material that has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect. It can reduce the building materials' weight. Insulating glass is further divided into high performance insulating glass and ordinary insulating glass. What is the difference between these two glasses?

1. Principle

  1. High-performance insulating glass is different from ordinary ordinary insulating glass. In addition to sealing the dry air between the two layers of glass, a special metal film with good thermal properties is applied on the side of the intermediate air layer of the outer glass. This can cut off the considerable energy that the sun shines into the room and can provide greater insulation.

  2. Ordinary insulating glass is composed of two or more flat glass sheets and two or more sheets of glass are bonded and sealed with sealing strips and glass strips by high-strength and high-air-tight composite adhesive. The middle is filled with dry gas and the frame is filled with a desiccant to ensure the dryness of the air between the glass sheets. 

LS201 insulated glass thickness gauge

LS201 Glass thickness gauge

2. Feature

High-performance insulating glass features: It has a large energy-saving effect. Due to a special metal film, it can achieve a 0.22-0.49 shielding coefficient, which reduces the indoor air conditioning load. The heat transfer coefficient is 1.4-2.8W (m2.K), which is better than ordinary insulating glass. It also exerts great efficiency in reducing the indoor heating load. 

Insulating glass features: There is a certain cavity between the glasses. The ordinary insulating glass has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect. For example, if the glass is filled with various diffused light materials or dielectric materials, it can get better sound control, light control, heat insulation effect. 

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