Insulated Glass Thickness Meter Used in Engineering Acceptance

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Insulating glass is widely used in the door and window industry due to its excellent energy-saving characteristics. Such as precision instrument workshops, chemical factories, libraries, office buildings, exhibition rooms, computer rooms and other buildings. Insulating glass that meets the design standards has good sound insulation, anti-theft, heat insulation effect and fire protection. How to measure glass thickness? In the acceptance of the project, the thickness of the insulating glass can be measured by Linshang insulated glass thickness meter.


Linshang Technology has developed two insulate glass thickness meters - LS200 and LS201. LS200 insulated glass thickness meter uses scale reading and adopts the laser reflection principle. The light source uses imported high-quality laser diodes. The high brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence of the laser ensure high measurement accuracy. The LS201 digital glass thickness meter also uses the laser principle, with manual mode and auto mode, as well as Chinese and English display interfaces.

When measuring, attach the instrument to the single-side of the glass and press the measurement button to measure the thickness of the glass and the intermediate air interlayer.

Model Maximum Glass Thickness Maximum Air Interlayer Thickness
LS200 70mm 34mm
LS201 70mm 45mm

The Linshang insulated glass thickness meter is compact and easy to operate. And it meets the third-party measurement standard.



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