UV Power Puck Designed For Ultraviolet LED Light Source

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Curing light sources on the market are mainly divided into high-pressure mercury light sources and LED light sources. The UV power puck LS128 and LS131 independently developed by Linshang are professionally used for UV LED light source detection. The spectral response range is in the range of 365nm-420nm, as shown in the figure below, which is a straight line parallel to the abscissa. And the responsiveness of the UV LED light source of each wavelength is relatively high. Compared with the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp as the standard UV power puck, the response spectra of LS128 and LS131 are more suitable for testing UV LED light source.

However, because the current measurement of UV LED light source does not have a standard both domestically and internationally, many manufacturers use their own manufacturer's standards, so the product consistency is very important. Linshang Technology focuses on the development and production of UV instruments for eleven years, not only in terms of quality but also after-sales service.

LS128 UV power puck

Linshang UV Power Puck

The biggest difference between the UV power puck LS128 and LS131 is that the appearance is different and then there are some differences in function. The LS128 can measure the power, energy, temperature, time, and display the power curve, temperature curve. The Linshang UV power pucks can also be connected to the computer and print the test report. However, the LS131UV power puck is not capable of measuring temperature.