Japanese ORC UV Integrator -ORC351

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Japanese ORC UV integrator is an old brand. From the measurement parameters,we can see that the meter is easy to carry with small size. But it is expensive.

    In the impression of the most users, the Japanese ORC UV integrator is a good brand, everyone will feel that the performance of the Japanese ORC UV integrator is good. The quality of the Japanese ORC UV integrator is good and the measurement data is accurate. Below we will make a simple introduction of the Japanese ORC UV integrators.
    Japanese ORC UV integrator is roughly divided into two types: with and without lines. The price of this brand is higher than other brands on the market. Let's take the ORC351 model as an example to analyze the Japanese ORC UV integrator. The ORC351 model is an integrated machine. It mainly tests the spectral range of 320-390nm, the peak wavelength is 360nm and the tested energy range is 0-19999mJ/cm2. The power measurement range is 0.1-100.1mW/cm2 and the temperature range is 0-60 Celsius.

ORC UV integrator

    The dimensions are: 79 (w) * 160 (D) * 70 (H) mm. Weight: 180g.
    We can see from the above measurement parameters, the advantage of this product is that the product is small and light. Heat resistance is better. Temperature can be measured. However, this product is not optimal in terms of product performance.

ORC UV integrator interface

    From the above Japanese ORC UV integrator parameters, it can be seen that the energy test range of the product is: 0-19999 mJ/cm2 and the power measurement range is: 0.1-100.1 mW/cm2. Due to that the UV intensity at different points in the curing oven is different during the curing process. So the power in the above formula must be the average value. The average value can not be replaced with the maximum or minimum value. The ORC351 has an energy value of 0-19999 mJ/cm2 which is relatively small. The value of some domestic UV integrators can reach 0-999999mJ/cm2. Therefore, the measurement accuracy of the instrument is obviously not high.
    With the development of technology. There are more and more
UV integrators in global. These UV integrators are invented with different performance  

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