Linshang LS126C UV Radiometer User Manual

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Linshang LS126C UV radiometer user manual mainly explains the application industry, technical parameters, spectral response, product characteristics, instrument operation, measurement considerations and other aspects.

      Linshang LS126C UV radiometer user manual mainly explains the detailed products from the application industry, technical parameters, spectral response, product characteristics, instrument operation, measurement considerations, national standards and other aspects.
     1.The application industry of UV radiometer:
     UV radiometer is mainly used for energy, intensity detection of ultraviolet germicidal lamps in hospitals, disease control centers, pharmaceutical factories, food and drug administrations and other fields. The UVC band of ultraviolet light, also known as short-wave sterilization ultraviolet. The Linshang LS126C UV radiometer is designed to measure UV intensity of UVC waveband. That is, 253.7nm UVC short-wave ultraviolet light emitted by a low-pressure mercury lamp. The light intensity meter specifically measures the UVC ultraviolet radiation energy per unit area.
     2.The technical parameters in the LS126C UV radiometer user manual are as follows:
1) Spectral response: 230nm-280nm, λp = 254nm
      2) Measurement accuracy: ± 10%
      3) Range: 0 - 20000 μW/cm2
      4) Recording period: 10 minutes / 100 minutes / 600 minutes
      5) The host size: (L*W*H) 148mm * 76mm * 26mm
      6) Bluetooth transmission distance: 50 meters (empty area)
      7) Display: 240 * 160 dot matrix LCD

LS126C UV radiometer

     3.LS126C UV radiometer spectral response graph:
     The Linshang LS126C UV radiometer uses a highly accurate UVC filter. The instrument has almost no response to other wavebands except for UVC band. The instrument uses a professional ultraviolet probe to eliminate the influence of other bands on the measurement accuracy of the instrument.
     4.The product characteristics:
      1) The instrument has UV light meter APP and Bluetooth function and wireless data monitoring can be realized within 50 meters. You can avoid watching the data from being burned by ultraviolet rays.

spectral response graph of the UV radiometer

      2) The light intensity meter can be scheduled to shut down, automatically save measurement data when shutting down.
      3) Equipped with USB communication port and dedicated PC software. The software has parameters configuration, data reading, UV power data Excel table export, UV power graph generation and other functions.
      4) The instrument has complete measurement data, which can measure real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, measurement time, and record date/time. It can also display UV power graph for analyzing the change trend of luminous intensity after lamp lighting. .
      5) The instrument comes with a real-time clock, which can trace the specific measurement time of the measurement results.
    5.Operation method in the LS126C UV radiometer user manual:
    The operation of the instrument mainly depends on the following aspects to understand the instrument. Power on/off, parameter setting, measurement, history query mode, APP operation, PC software operation
      1) Please turn off the phone when not in use. The calibration period is one year
      2) Avoid contact with corrosive materials and keep away from high humidity environment.
      3) Avoid contamination of the photosensitive part of the probe.
      4) When the instrument is not used for a long time, be sure to store the instrument in a low humidity environment.
      5) When the instrument displays low battery, you need to replace it with a new one.

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