UVC Detector for UV Lamp of Pass-through Box

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The pass-through box is a device equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp that sterilizes the items that need to be transferred. It is mainly used for the transfer of small items between clean areas and clean areas, non-clean areas and clean areas. The pass-through box can reduce the times of door opening in the clean room and minimize the pollution in the clean area. However, the UV lamp in the pass-through box will gradually age with the increase of the usage time, and the intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is reduced and the sterilization effect is weakened. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically measure the intensity of the pass-through box UV lamp.

At present, there are relevant regulations for 30W straight lamps in the industry. According to WS/T 367-2012 "Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Medical Institutions", when measuring the 254nm germicidal lamp ultraviolet intensity, it is necessary to ensure that the UVC lamp is 1 meter vertically below the tube, the intensity of the new tube greater than 90uW/cm2 is qualified, If the lamp intensity in use is less than 70uW/cm2, it needs to be replaced.

The intensity of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is generally measured by an UVC detector and the LS126C UVC detector is taken as an example. This instrument can be set to shut down regularly and the measurement data will be saved automatically when it is turned off.

UVC detector

LS126C UVC detector

The instrument is equipped with a 1 meter long hook and mobile APP, which can be used to ensure that the tester can test the UV lamp without being burned by UV rays. The steps for measuring the intensity of the pass-through box UV lamp with a LS126C UVC detector are as follows:

  1. First place the UVC detector on the flat plate at the bottom of the hook. Secure the probe and instrument with screws to ensure that the probe is facing the lamp.

  2. Press the power button briefly to turn the instrument on, and the instrument will enter the historical data query interface to display the latest set of test data. Pressing the power button again will enter the measurement mode.3. Hang the hook and the UVC detector directly below the UCV germicidal lamp. Ensure that the tester leaves the pass-through box and illuminates the UV lamp inside the pass-through box.

  3. After the instrument is automatically tested for 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down (Long press the power button in the off state can adjust the measuring time from 1-10 minutes). After confirming that the UVC detector is turned off, turn off the UV light in the pass-through box, and press the power button to turn it on. If the lamp is on for a short time, you can also take ouy the instrument directly after the lamp is off. Press the power button to save the current data.

  4. The LS126C UVC detector has a data statistics function and can display the power curve. On the historical data interface, we can view the maximum, minimum, average, real-time power values and power curves of the powers just tested. Through the power curve, we can analyze the change trend of the luminous intensity after the ultraviolet light tube of the pass-through box is lit.

  5. We can also connect the instrument to the mobile APP before the test (for details, please refer to the LS126C UVC detector mobile APP operation guide). After the connection is successful, you can check the intensity measurement of the pass-through box UV lamp in real time on the mobile phone APP.

  6. In addition, the LS126C UVC detector is also equipped with computer software. It can be connected to the computer software through the data line, and the data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or directly printed.

At present, the pass-through box is widely used in biological laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food processing plants and other places where strict control of health and safety is required. Through the use of the UVC detector, the intensity measurement data of UV lamp inside the pass-through box can be accurately controlled to ensure effective ultraviolet sterilization effect and sanitary safety control.