Detection of Reptile Lamps with UVB Radiometer

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The reptile lamp is mainly a kind of lamp that simulates the sunlight to illuminate the reptile to promote the absorption of calcium in the body. We generally use the LS125 + UVB Radiometer for reptiles to detect it.

Reptile lamps are becoming more and more widely used in daily lives, especially for some pet lovers. However, if the irradiance intensity of the reptile lamp is too strong or too weak, it will cause damage to the animals. The reptile lamp intensity must be a fixed value to achieve a good effect. Then we generally use UVB radiometer for reptiles to detect reptile lamps.

1.The role of the reptile light:

The reptile lamp is a kind of luminaire that simulates the supplementation of sunlight and promotes calcium absorption in the reptiles (such as lizards, turtles, etc.) by utilizing the decomposition of vitamin D3. Preventing the pet from suffering from rickets (commonly known as rickets). The UV intensity of the reptile lamp must be controlled at a fixed value. Because the UV intensity value is too high, the temperature in the cage is too high, which is not conducive to the health of reptiles. The UV intensity value is too small to achieve the purpose of calcium supplementation. Therefore, we generally use UVB radiometer to determine the ultraviolet radiation intensity of the reptile lamp.

UVB radiometer
UVB radiometer for reptiles

2. Medical fields of UVB radiometer for reptiles:

There is no such thing as a reptile lamp medically. The hospital's UVB tube generally uses narrow-spectrum medium-wave ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 313 nm for some skin diseases. For example, psoriasis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, eczema, alopecia, etc. Since UVB lamps are used to treat skin diseases, the control of the UV irradiation intensity of UVB lamps is very strict. If the strength is too low, it will failed in treatment and if the strength is too high and it will burn the skin.
      UVB radiometer for detection of reptile lamps and UVB lamps. We generally choose the Linshang LS125 + UVB probe to detect the reptile light and UVB tube.

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