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The well-known UV Radiometer Manufacturer include Japan USHIO, Linshang Technology, Beijing Normal University, Taiwan Luchang, and Hangzhou Everfine Optoelectronics. Each UV Radiometer Manufacturer has its own product features.

There are many UV Radiometer Manufacturer in the market, and different manufacturer have their own product features. So what are the manufacturers of UV radiometer? What are the product features? Here we will come together to understand several UV radiometer manufacturer.
      1. Japan USHIO, an internationally renowned brand, their products are relatively expensive. Representative products are USHIO UIT-250, main models UIT-150, UIT-250, UIT-201. The energy, power, and temperature can be measured, and the center wavelengths of 172 nm, 254 nm, 313 nm, 365 nm, and 405 nm can be measured by connecting different probes. The main unit and probe line can be extended to 2 meters. The instrument can be connected to a computer, and the computer cable needs to be selected. And it can record 4 minutes of data.
      2. Linshang Technology, a well-known Chinese UV Radiometer Manufacturer. The products are cost-effective. Representative products are LS126C, LS129 online UV intensity meter and multi-probe UV light meter LS125. The LS125 is equipped with 9 different types of intelligent identification probes that can be used at will. Includes measurable energy and waterproof probes. The LS129 online UV Intensity meter is a digital probe that supports online monitoring. It has an RS485 communication interface and a standard MODBUS communication protocol, which can be customized for different bands.

Online UV intensity meter
LS129 Online UV intensity meter

3. Beijing Normal University, this is an historical UV intensity meter manufacturer. Representative products are UVA-420/365 single or dual, UVB-297/254 single or dual, UV-313/340. The instrument uses a 9V square battery and a digital output interface. The product has MC China of Metrology Certification.
      4. Taiwan Luchang, they have a variety of products with low range, low measurement accuracy, and low prices. Representative products are EMF-839, TM-902C and so on.
      5. Hangzhou Everfine Optoelectronics, they are a listed company. The biggest feature of the product is the high measurement accuracy, up to ±5% equivalent to the National Metrology Institute NIM or the US NIST measurement standard. Representative products are U-20 ultraviolet irradiance meter, UV-2000Z multi-band ultraviolet irradiance meter. The multi-band ultraviolet irradiance meter is mainly equipped with an ultraviolet radiation detector of A1 band (320 nm-390 nm), A2 band (365 nm), B band (290 nm-320 nm), and C band (200 nm-280 nm).
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