Ultraviolet Tube Intensity Monitoring Method

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UV is widely used in the industry, especially the UVC band is mainly used for sterilization. In the process of sterilization, we need to monitor the intensity of the UV lamp. There are mainly the following methods for monitoring the intensity of UV lamps.

1. The UV lamp tube strength monitoring method : indicator card

The UV disinfection effect of 253.7 nm in the UVC band is the best. The UV intensity indicator card uses UV light with a wavelength of 253.7 nm which is sensitive to chemical substances and form a printing ink with an auxiliary material to make it change color when irradiated with ultraviolet rays. The ink is printed on UV-sensitive paper. Standard color patches are then printed on both ends of the card stock. Paste the UV-sensitive paper in the center of the card. When measuring, first turn on the UV lamp for 5 minutes. When the light source is basically stable, place the indicator card 1 m below the light source. After one minute of irradiation, the original milky white turns into a different lavender. Then, compared with the standard color at both ends, if the color is consistent with the standard color, indicating that the intensity of the tested UV lamp is in compliance with the standard. If the test color is lighter than the standard color, the UV intensity is not up to standard. If the test color is darker than the standard color, the UV intensity is too strong and exceeds the standard.

LS126C UVC detector

2. Ultraviolet tube intensity monitoring method: UVC detector 

The monitoring methods of different UVC detectors are different. The Linshang LS126C UVC detector is equipped with a UV meter app. The instrument can be connected to the mobile phone app through bluetooth. Let's take the Linshang LS126C UVC detector as an example to discuss the UV lamp intensity monitoring method by mobile phone app. 

3. Mobile APP real-time monitoring method

  1. Download and install the mobile phone APP. Short press the power button to turn it on (the phone will display the SN number when the phone is turned on, check the SN number).

  2. Open the mobile app to enter the search interface and click “Start Search” in the upper right corner. Find the SN number that matches the detection instrument in the searched device and click it, then the APP will bind the device and jump to the measurement interface (the connection will be successful in the upper right corner).

  3. Place the instrument on the test hook and press the measurement button. Hang the hook one meter below the center of the tube, leave the test site, turn on the germicidal lamp and start measuring. Open the phone app to monitor data in real time.

The above is the UV lamp tube strength monitoring method. The method of monitoring indicator card is relatively inaccurate and does not have a definite value. Especially for some people who can not identify the color well, it is impossible for them to accurately distinguish the color. So, we recommend to select a professional UVC detector for accurate monitoring of UV lamp strength. If you need to test the uv irradiation intensity of the UVC LED light sources, LS125+UVCLED-X0 probe UVC light meter is recommended.