Why the Hospital Selects Linshang UVC radiometer to Test Germicidal Lamp

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Many dealers asked us for LS126C UVC radiometer, because their end customers are directly designated on the Linshang UVC radiometer. Why the Hospital Selects Linshang UVC radiometer to Test Germicidal Lamp?
    As a professional manufacturer of UV light measurement equipment, Linshang Technology has an LS126C UVC radiometer for the detection of hospital germicidal lamps. The reason why so many customers choose the Linshang UVC radiometer, the main reasons may be the following:

1. Linshang UVC radiometer has high precision

The measurement accuracy of Linshang germicidal lamp UVC radiometer LS126C is within ±10%, and the national standard is ±15%. The Linshang UVC radiometer LS126C is sent to any national authoritative metrology institute for testing, ensuring compliance with national standards and in compliance with manufacturer's standards.

2. Linshang UVC radiometer does not need a protective device

The germicidal lamps in hospital are a kind of short-wave ultraviolet lamps, which have certain damage to human skin. However, for the detection of germicidal lamps, the national standard stipulates that the test should be carried out at a distance of 1 m vertically downward in the center of the lamp. Generally, it takes at least 5 minutes for the lamp to stabilize after the lamp is turned on. If the person is holding the instrument for a long time under the lamp, it is necessary to wear protective clothing, which is relatively troublesome. The Linshang germicidal lamp UVC radiometer has a test hook that delivers 1 meter. The hook can be placed on the lamp tube, and the instrument is placed on the hook bottom plate, and the tester can leave. The instrument can be set to automatically shut down after 10 minutes, you can turn off the UV lamp and turn on the UVC radiometer to see the previous test results.

UVC radiometer test report

3. Linshang UVC radiometer can record 25 sets of test data, multiple test data can be recorded and archived.

The Linshang UVC radiometer can hold up to 25 sets of data. For the sterilization lamp test of multiple departments in the hospital, it can be tested in batches. After the test is completed, the test data can be exported. The test results include data such as power maximum, minimum value, real-time value, average value, test time, measurement duration, etc., and also a power curve diagram, which can analyze the power variation of the lamp after the lamp is turned on.

UVC radiometer

4. The data tested by Linshang UVC radiometer can be monitored in real time by mobile APP

Linshang germicidal lamp UVC radiometer also has a real-time monitoring function of the mobile phone APP. After the instrument is connected to the mobile APP via Bluetooth, people can stand outside the door and use the mobile APP to monitor the test data in real time. Bluetooth transmission distances up to 50 meters in open spaces.

UVC radiometer mobile APP

5. The after-sales service of Linshang UVC radiometer is guaranteed

Linshang UVC radiometer provides 30 days no reason to return service, and 1 year warranty, lifetime maintenance. Regular calibration services are also available.
      To sum up, Linshang UVC radiometer has many advantages such as high precision, simple operation, safe and convenient, and guaranteed service. The Linshang UVC radiometer in hospital germicidal lamp testing is indeed a good choice.