Paint Gloss Meter

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The main function of the paint is aesthetics, which protects the furniture and prolongs the life of the furniture. It is mainly used in the fields of ships, machinery, vehicles, housing construction, etc. As an indispensable part of furniture, everyone is very concerned about the detection of paint.
  1. What are the main aspects of paint testing?
    1)Environmental performance testing, mainly to check whether the heavy metal content is qualified.
    2)Chemical property test, mainly to test the oil resistance and alcohol resistance of paint.
    3)Test the appearance of the paint film, mainly to detect the color, color difference and gloss of the paint film.
    4)Construction performance testing. It mainly detects the drying time and coating amount of the paint.
   2. How to detect the paint gloss and what national standards are there?
    Paints are typically tested using a professional paint gloss meter. The paint gloss meter is divided into single angle and multi-angle gloss meters. Testing the same item at different test angles results in different gloss levels. And the values of the standard boards of different brands gloss meters are different, so the measured values are not the same.
    1) 85° paint gloss meter is recommended for low-gloss paints and coatings. The reference standard is ISO-2813, DIN-67530.
    2) 60 ° paint gloss meter is recommended for medium gloss paint, marble, ceramic, plastic and other materials. The reference standard is ISO-2813, ASTM-C584, GB8807.
    3) 20° paint gloss meter is recommended for high gloss paints, inks, papers, etc. The reference standard is DIN-67530, ISO-2813, ISO-8254

3. How should we use a paint gloss meter to check the gloss of the paint?
     Today, we take Linshang 60° paint gloss meter LS192 as an example to explain how to measure the paint gloss.
     After the power button is pressed, the instrument will perform a self-test. If the self-test is completed, the meter will enter into the self-calibration mode. After the calibration is complete, then the meter enters into the measurement mode. Take the standard board and place the instrument on the paint, the test results will be displayed immediately. As can be seen from the above figure, the gloss of this paint is 71.9 GU. If the standard board is dirty and cannot be self-calibrated, we can wipe the standard board with a professional lens wiper supplied by the paint gloss meter suppliers. After the standard board is cleaned, the instrument will perform self-calibration again.
      The 60 ° paint gloss meter LS192 can display the maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation value at the same time. It can also be connected to computer software to read data. It is an intelligent paint gloss meter.

paint gloss meter
paint gloss meter