Gloss Meter for Plastic

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The main component of plastics is resin, which is a polymer material mixed with various additives. Due to its light weight, chemical stability, easy molding, coloration and low processing cost. Therefore, plastics are widely used in various industries such as life, agriculture, industry. With the needs of the living industry, the application of gloss meters for plastic is becoming more and more widespread.
     Since some products need to exhibit the metallic texture of the surface, it is necessary to change the polymer form of the metal surface to make plastic products with different gloss characteristics. Some plastics are formed differently and often have directionality that results in different gloss. Generally, plastics have a refractive index range of approximately 1.4-1.6 and a gloss of generally between 70-110 GU. (The reflective conditions of transparent plastics and translucent plastics are different.) Therefore, we generally use
gloss meters for plastic to check the plastic surfaces gloss to judge whether the quality of the products is qualified.

gloss meter  for plastic

A gloss meter can be used not only to measure plastic, but also to detect marble, ink, paint, hardware and more. For example, the Linshang LS192 gloss meter for plastic can be used to detect the plastic surfaces gloss. The instrument has a measuring angle of 60 degrees and the instrument has the following features:
    1.Display the measurement data in real time.
    2.The instrument has powerful intelligent statistics function to measure standard deviation, maximum value, minimum value, average value and number of measurements.
    3.The instrument has an ambient temperature compensation function, which allows long-period calibration and stable measurement values.
    4.The instrument is equipped with special operating software, support USB transmission. It can be operated online with the computer and complete the test report.
    5.The instrument has low energy consumption,small volume and good texture.