What Brand of Paint Gloss Meter is Good?

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A gloss meter is an instrument used to measure the specular gloss of the material surface. The paint gloss generally refers to the paint film surface gloss formed by the paint. There are many brands of paint gloss meter. What brand of paint gloss meter is a question that many customers would want to know when purchasing the instrument. In fact, the comparison of products between brands can't be described by the words of good or bad. When selecting the model, it is necessary to combine their own testing needs and the characteristics of different products to find the equipment that suits them.

Due to the different composition of the paint, the formed film surface is different, so the ability of light to reflect in a certain direction is also different. According to the size of the gloss, it can be divided into three types: matt gloss, semi-gloss and shiny. Shiny generally refers to gloss greater than 40GU, semi-gloss refers to gloss between 20 and 40 GU. The matt gloss refers to gloss less than 10GU. Of course, this data is based on a general-purpose paint gloss meter with an incident angle of 60 degrees. 

LS191 gloss meter

What brand of paint gloss meter is good - Linshang LS192 paint gloss meter

Next, we will make a simple comparison of multiple paint gloss meters BYK, TQC, Elcometer and Chinese brand Linshang gloss meter in the form of a table. (Here are the same type of 60 degree single angle gloss meter for comparison)

technical parameters of different paint gloss metes

Whether the data of the paint gloss meter is accurate, we need to look at the data of repeatability, reproducibility and indication error. The current gloss meter is divided into three levels, standard machine, First working-class gloss meter and Secondary working-class gloss meter, as shown in the following table:

paint gloss meter

By comparing the data, we can find that the gloss meters of most brands can reach the standard of the first working class gloss meter. The difference between the repeatability and reproducibility is not so big. Secondly, we can see that the measurement range of many gloss meters can reach 2000GU. However, in the test of paint gloss, even the high-gloss paint, the gloss is difficult to exceed 200GU. So, the measurement range is not so important if you want to select a gloss meter for paint. It should be noted that an increase in the measurement range means an increase in the price of the instrument.

From the above introduction, it is not difficult to find out what brand of paint gloss meter is good. At present, there is no way to compare it. If you must pursue high-profile well-known brands, BYK will be a good choice; but if you want to consider high performance and cost-effective, we believe that the Chinese Linshang gloss meter will be your ultimate choice.



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