Handheld Portable Gloss Meter Operation Method

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Compared with traditional desktop gloss meters, hand-held portable gloss meters are used more in life and industry. Traditional desktop gloss meters are bulky, expensive and inconvenient to carry, while handheld portable gloss meters are not only portable but also easy to carry. It has simple operation method and good reproducibility as well as different measurement method than the conventional desktop gloss meter. Here we take a look at the measurement method to know more about the handheld portable gloss meter.

LS192 handheld portable gloss meter

LS191 handheld portable gloss meter

1. Handheld portable gloss meter LED

Simply speaking, it is the original light source. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to replace the light source. As long as the power source is turned on, the intensity will be stable and the heating time will be within 10s. The disadvantage is that the service life of the light source is semi-permanent.

2. Hand-held portable gloss meter pulse illumination method

In principle, this measurement method can obtain a stable display value as the power consumption is reduced. The surrounding brightness does not affect the displayed value.

3. The hand-held portable gloss meter simplifies the structure of the optical system

This method of measurement is suitable for errors and management between materials of the same nature. The hand-held gloss meter achieves excellent vibration resistance and impact resistance as the optical system is miniaturized.
    The hand-held portable gloss meter has good reproducibility in addition to a variety of measurement methods. In general, it means that we measure the four standard boards for three times averagely. Handheld portable gloss meters are getting better and better than traditional desktop gloss meters. Now there are not only single-angle hand-held gloss meters but also multi-angle hand-held gloss meters. We believe that with the development of technology, the development of handheld portable gloss meters will get better and better.



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