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Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional gloss meter supplier. The company has a professional R & D team with strong technical support. We can provide you with the latest gloss meter price, gloss meter model, usage and more information.

1. Gloss meter model and price recommended by gloss meter supplier[Linshang Technology]

(1) Universal gloss meter LS191:19119100804EN.jpg

This is a universal gloss meter with a 60 degree angle. The range is 0-200GU, which can be used for surface gloss test of paint, paint and stone. The parameters of the LS191 gloss meter are as follows:
●  Measuring angle: 60 degree
●  Measuring spot: 9*15mm
●  Measurement item minimum size: 28 mm*14 mm (L*W)
●  Measurement range: 0-200GU
●  Resolution: 0.1GU
● Measurement accuracy: 0-100: ± 1.5GU; 100-200: ± 1.5% reading
●  Price: $165

(2) Gloss meterLS192 for testing high gloss object:

19119100805EN.jpgThis is a large-scale gloss meter. The range of 0-1000GU is suitable for surface gloss test of high gloss materials such as metal. The parameters are as follows:
●  Measuring angle: 60 degree
●  Measuring spot: 9*15mm
●  Measurement item minimum size: 28mm*14mm (L*W)
●  Measurement range: 0-1000GU
●  Resolution: 0.1GU
●  Measurement accuracy: 0-100: ± 1.5GU; 100-1000: ± 1.5% reading
●  Price: $265

2. Performance characteristics of the Linshang gloss meter:

  1. 60 degree universal angle, range optional, suitable for gloss test of various materials in various industries.

  2. The instrument has only one power-on button, which can be measured automatically without pressing the button.

  3. With automatic statistics, it can automatically count the number of measurements, as well as the maximum, minimum, average and mean squared values in multiple sets of test data. Through this function, the uniformity of the material surface gloss can be quickly judged.

  4. The Linshang gloss meter has a temperature compensation function that automatically adjusts the luminous efficiency of the light source at different ambient temperatures. Ensure that the test data of the instrument at different ambient temperatures is very accurate.

  5. With the power-on self-test function, if the standard board is dirty, the instrument will prompt you to clean the standard board before entering the measurement interface. Avoid measurement errors caused by artificial calibration when the standard board is dirty.

3. Gloss meter suppliers[Linshang Technology] provide gloss meter operation method:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the instrument and the instrument enters the self-test state.

  2. After passing the self-test, the instrument enters the measurement state. (If the standard board is dirty, the instrument cannot enter the measurement state, it will prompt you to clean the standard board)

  3. Place the gloss meter on the tested material surface and the test results will be displayed immediately.

  4. If you want to save the test data and analyze the data, every time you perform a test you should press the button. The instrument automatically records the number of measurements and performs data analysis.

4. Gloss meter suppliers [Linshang Technology] promised quality assurance:

  1. The instrument complies with the national first-class machine standard and ensures to pass the inspection of Chinese National Metrology Institute.

  2. The instrument ensures factory integrity and consistency. The instrument test deviation of the same batch does not exceed: 0-100: ±0.5 GU; 100-1000: ±0.5% GU reading.

  3. All logistics use express such as DHL、 UPS、FedEx、EMS. If any damage occurs during transportation, our company provides new replacement service.

5. Gloss meter suppliers [Linshang Technology] provide after-sales service:

  1. The company promises that all gloss meters can be returned within 30 days from the date of delivery if you find the instrument is not suitable.

  2. If there are non-human quality problems within three months, unconditionally return or exchange service will be provided.

  3. If the gloss meter happens any non-human quality problems within one year and the supplier provides free maintenance service.

  4. Gloss meter supplier [Linshang Technology] also promises to provide lifetime maintenance service for the products sold.

Gloss meter supplier [Linshang Technology] has a good market reputation, professional sales and technical service team, with years of business experience. It has won the recognition of domestic and foreign suppliers, welcome to contact our enginner for more detailed information.



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