How Do I Use A Glossmeter to Measure Gloss?

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The film is also known as the paint film. It is usually composed of multiple coats. In general, a primer layer, an intermediate layer and a topcoat layer are included. The composition and process of the coating directly determines the painting gloss. For example, when the composition and process of the film are not good, brush marks, particles, bubbles, wrinkles may occur.

The gloss of the painting film generally refers to the optical properties of the painting film surface. The painting gloss can be generally classified into six categories according to their optical characteristics. High light (90-100), bright light (60-89), semi-light (30-59), mercerized (11-29), flat light (6-10), no light (0-5). 

How Do I Use A Glossmeter to Measure Gloss? We generally use three methods to judge:

1. Visual judgment by an experienced master

People stand at a certain distance from the film. The film gloss is judged by eye and experience. This kind of judgment is relatively incapable of quantification and it is also less accurate and prone to deviation.

2. Photoelectric glossmeter

Photoelectric glossmeter is our most commonly used glossmeter, usually based on a 60 degree angle glossmeter. Since the painting film gloss is various, we usually use 20 degree glossmeter for measuring high light gloss measurement. Semi-gloss, mercerized, flat gloss materials should be measured with a 60 degree angle glossmeter. The Linshang LS192 glossmeter is a 60 degree angle glossmeter with a wide range of applications. The operation method is simple, just press the power on button and the glossmeter is placed on the tested film after self-calibration. The maximum, minimum, average, real-time value and standard deviation.

glossmeter test the paint

3. Projection glossmeter

Simply put, the tested painting film is compared with the known standard board and the gradient of the tested painting film is not clear. Find the closest projection on the paint film to the projection in the standard board, then we can assess the gloss level of the paint film. The projection glossmeter is suitable for coatings with scratches, ripples and orange peel. This kind of instrument is simple to fix and has certain limitations.

The above are the test methods for the gloss of the three paintings. Each method has its own characteristics and the user can decide according to the situation.



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