60 Degree Gloss Meters

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The 60 degree gloss meter is a single angle gloss meter with a test angle of 60 degree. Since the 60 degree projection angle is a universal test angle, the 60 degree gloss meter is widely used in paints, paints, paper, ceramics, furniture, printing, plastic, electroplating and other industries.

Since the 60 degree gloss meter is a widely used instrument, why are there instruments with other test angles? First of all, we need to remember that the gloss of all materials can be tested with a 60 degree gloss meter and the gloss obtained by the 60 degree gloss meter test can be used as reference data. However, in the past, the accuracy and resolution of the gloss meter have not reached the current level. In order to test some higher or lower gloss, some other angle instruments will be used to improve the accuracy of the test data.

There are many single-angle 60 degree gloss meters on the market, such as LinshangLS191 gloss meter, BYK gloss meter 4442 model, Tqc Sologloss model, Elcometer 480 Model B gloss meter. The 60 degree gloss meter is operated in the same way as other gloss meters with different test angles, requiring the testes material surface to be flat. In addition, the flat area is required to completely cover the test slot of the gloss meter. Take the LS191 gloss meter developed by gloss meter supplier Linshang Technology as an example. In the test, the minimum measurement area is 9*15mm.

60 degree gloss meter

If the data obtained by using the 60 degree gloss meter LS191 test is less than 10 GU, the gloss of the tested material can be judged to be low gloss. If the data is larger than 70 GU, it is a high gloss material. If it is between 10 GU and 70 GU, it is medium gloss material. If the data exceeds 200GU, you can replace the 60 degree gloss meter with a larger range, such as the Linshang Technology LS192 60 degree gloss meter. This model has a measurement range up to 1000GU, which can be said to be widely used in various industries.



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