How to Measure Glass Thickness With Glass Thickness Measuring Gauge?

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There are many types of glass such as thin glass, thick glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, etc. So how do you measure glass thickness? The method of measuring the thickness of different types of glass is also different. For example, some thin regular flat glass can be handled with a small vernier caliper. And the measurement data is accurate. Although vernier calipers are a good tool for measuring glass thickness, they have certain limitations. Measurements must be made at the edge and only unsold single-layer glass can be tested. For slightly thicker glass, or for glass that requires less measurement accuracy, we can measure it with a ruler. Using a zero scale value on the edge of the ruler, the zero scale value is perpendicular to the mirror and then observe the two mirror overlaps. The glass thickness can be observed very quickly. This measurement method also has great limitations. The glass need to be flat and uninstalled. 

The shape of glass in life has many small pieces of glass, curtain wall glass, flat glass, curved glass, etc. The shape of these glasses is that the vernier caliper and zero scale cannot be accurately measured. How do we measure the glass thickness? At this time, we need to use a professional glass thickness measuring gauge for measurement. Professional glass thickness measuring gauges are not as demanding on glass and the measurement range is also wide. It can measure the thickness of single-layer glass, laminated glass (insulated glass), cylindrical glass tube and so on. The glass thickness gauge is divided into two types, the ordinary glass thickness measuring gauge and the digital glass thickness measuring gauge.

glass thickness measuring gauge

Ordinary glass thickness measuring gauges use a scale ruler. For example, the Linshang LS200 glass thickness measuring gauge is also a scale ruler. The scale of the upper layer indicates the thickness of the glass and the lower row of scale indicates the thickness of the air interlayer (the unit of the scale is generally expressed in millimeters). To measure the glass thickness, simply place the glass thickness measuring gauge on the glass and press the red button on the top of the instrument. The measurement results can be displayed. Conventional glass thickness measuring gauges require the addition of glass thickness values when measuring the laminated glass thickness.

The digital glass thickness measuring gauge is especially suitable for installation of glass. For example, the specific measurement method of the Linshang LS201 glass thickness measuring gauge is as follows:

LS201 glass thickness measuring gauge

  1. Long press the power button to enter the selection interface. Short press the middle selection button to select Chinese or English. After selecting it, press the power button to confirm and enter the historical data query interface. The instrument has two modes: manual measurement and automatic measurement. (default auto mode when booting)

  2. Place the instrument on the tested glass surface and press the top measurement button. The measurement results will be displayed. (1 and 2 below the instrument represent two measurements.) The normal display of the instrument will be the first measurement and will show the thickness of the glass and air layers. In the automatic mode, press the middle selection button to view the second measurement result. This measurement result is the possible result of the instrument judgment.

  3. Long press the power button to turn off the instrument.

For the question of how to measure glass thickness, the above is a specific measurement method and the user can select a method suitable for himself according to his actual situation.