Quality-determination Method of Medical Sterilization Ultraviolet Lamp

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Ultraviolet rays are widely used in medical applications and can be used to treat skin diseases.The ultraviolet radiation used for sterilization and treatment is not the same. So how can medical UV lamps be qualified?The method for detecting ultraviolet rays is clearly stated in the "Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Health Industry Standard Medical Organizations of the People's Republic of China".

1. UV diffraction measurement method:

 After the UV lamp was turned on for 5 minutes,the UV superimposed probe of 253.7 nm uvc meter was placed one meter vertical distance under the detected UV light (special ultraviolet light was measured at the recommended distance). 

2. UV intensity indicator card assay:

After turning on the UV lamp for 5 minutes,place the indicator card under the lamp at a vertical distance of 1 meter. The patterned side is illuminated upward for one minute.After the ultraviolet irradiation,the color block of the indicator is observed. Comparing the color block after the color change with the standard color block to know the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet light.

3. How to judge the measurement result of the ultraviolet lamp:

As for the ordinary 30W straight tube type UV lamp, the uvc meter is placed I meter vertically below the UV lamp tube. The intensity of the UV lamp used in the process must be greater than 70uW/cm2.Different wattages of UV lamps are different in the country.Therefore, the ordinary 30W straight tube type UV lamp is not qualified when the measurement result is less than 70uW/cm2.

uvc meter

LS126C UV light intensity meter

The Linshang LS126C uvc meter is an ultraviolet radiation meter dedicated to the energy detection of UV germicidal lamps. The spectral response ranged from 230 nm to 280 nm with a wavelength of 254 nm. The UV light meter is equipped with a 1 meter hook that can be hung vertically under the tube.The instrument comes with a Bluetooth function,which can link the mobile phone APP to achieve wireless monitoring data at a certain distance. Avoid UV burns when you are looking at the data on the spot. Truly unattended measurements can be achieved which is convenient for your UV energy monitoring.