Application of UV Integrator in Nail Lamp Industry

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Although the nail lamp used in the nail industry has a curing effect on the nail,the UV lamp energy can't be too big or too small.We use the LS125+UVA LED-X3 UV integrator to detect the UV energy of the nail lamp to see whether the energy is within a reasonable range.

The nail industry has been favored by more and more women.Every time we make nails,we put the hands with nail polish on the two small boxes with nail lamps.Do you know what it is for? In fact,this is a simple UV curing,which requires an UV integrator to detect the intensity and energy of the UV lamps. Here we will unveil the mystery of the nail lamp.

1.What is a nail lamp?

  Nail lamp, also known as nail phototherapy box,is mainly used for the drying of phototherapy glue in the nail process.It is mostly used in the nail industry.There are two types of nail lamps:ultraviolet lamps and LED lamps.Nail UV lamps do not cause particularly serious damage to the skin,but they can cause sunburn and aging.But we only had a short time in making nails,the damage done to us is relatively small.

2.Principle of phototherapy of nail lamps

The nail lamp is the principle that the light-curing gel in the nail polish will cure under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays.The ultraviolet wavelength of nail lamps is generally 320-400 nm, which is in the range of long-wave ultraviolet rays. Its peak wavelength is generally at 395 nm.When the UV energy in the nail lamp is too small, the curing effect may not be good. When the energy of the nail lamp is too large, it may tan our skin.Therefore, we generally use an UV LED integrator to detect the energy of a nail lamp.

3.Detect the UV energy of the nail box with UV integrator

LS125 UV integrator

LS125 UV Light Meter (UV integrator) Measure the UV gel lamp

We can use the Linshang LS125+UVA LED-X3 UV integrator to detect the UV energy of the nail lamp.The UV integrator has a spectral response ranging from 340nm to 420nm.The instrument is calibrated at 395 nm LED source.It is not only suitable for the detection of the energy intensity of UVA or UVV light sources, but also for the light source intensity and energy detection of low power UVA LED light sources.In particular,the nail box is exquisite and compact. General integrated design of the UV integrator simply cannot be put in.
    The Linshang LS125+UVA LED-X3 UV integrator is designed for the main unit and the probe.The size of the probe is 39mm * 32mm * 15mm (L*W*H).It is suitable for delicate and compact nail boxes.The instrument can measure both energy and power values.It has a rich statistical function to display real-time values,maximum values,minimum values,average values,measurement durations and energy values.The instrument is suitable for low-power UVA LED light source measurement.It can switch 3 kinds of measurement units,respectively,μW/cm2,mW/cm2 and W/m2 . The data conversion between different units needs no manual calculation.
     The Linshang UV integrator has split design and integrated design.If you are hesitate which kind of UV integrator to buy,come and contact us! Our engineer will provide you the most thoughtful services.

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