Gloss Tester in the Electroplating Industry

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  The plated part surface gloss reflects the quality of the plated part more or less. Therefore, we can use gloss tester to test the gloss value of the plated parts.     

I.What are the factors that affect the plating parts gloss?

1.Physical factors

(1) Plated material

The influence of the base material, shape and size of the plated parts on the coating is very large.When the content of the alloy material in the matrix material exceeds the index,it is difficult to obtain a satisfactory plating layer,which affects the plating surface gloss value. The gloss value measured by the gloss tester will be lower. The more complex the shape, the greater the difficulty factor for electroplating. And the plating of the center is thinner. When the coating thickness is uniform, the gloss of the coating is different.

plated parts

(2) Anode

The anode is preferably used in the titanium basket.For bright nickel plating, galvanizing, etc.,the anode bag should be placed on the anode,which can effectively prevent the anode sludge from entering the plating solution.When the finished product comes out, it is better to measure the gloss value with a gloss tester.If the anode bag is not set, the gloss is relatively poor.

(3) Hanging tools

Hangers can be divided into three types:hangers,rollers or baskets,depending on the plating method.Different hangers can have different degrees of damage to the plating layer surface, which can affect the plating layer surface gloss

(4) Mounting method

Loading and unloading is exquisite.When loading and unloading,different mounting methods should be selected according to the shape,material and design requirements of the parts to ensure that the parts are securely mounted and electrically conductive.A good mounting method does not affect the surface gloss of the plated parts.

2.Chemical factors

(1) Process materials

The texture of the good process materials is relatively uniform,even if it is used to prepare the bath water,it is very particular.The better the process material is, the better the surface gloss value measured with a gloss tester under the same conditions as other factors.

(2) Process

The plated parts are degreased prior to plating.It is not an easy task to clean parts that face different materials and shapes.Therefore,the process also has a great influence on the plated parts surface gloss value.

3.Human factors

The factor is considered to be the most active and most influential factor in the quality of the coating during the electroplating process.It is often found that under the same conditions, the quality of the plating layer is different by different personnel.

II. Detect the plated parts gloss with Linshang LS192 gloss tester

LS192 gloss tester

The Linshang LS192 gloss tester is a 60 degree gloss tester with a measurement range of 1000 GU to meet measurement requirements of medium,high and low gloss plated products. Although the gloss value is divided into high gloss,low gloss and medium gloss, the 60 degree gloss tester is the most widely used gloss tester.The measurement values of the gloss tester at 85 degree and the gloss tester at 20 degree are based on the gloss tester value of 60 degree gloss tester.The parameters of the Linshang LS192 gloss tester are as follows:

  1. Measuring angle:60 degree

  2. Measuring spot:9*15

  3. Resolution:0.1%

  4. Repeatability:0-100: ± 0.2;100-200:±0.2% reading

  5. Reproducibility:0-100: ± 0.5

In summary,many factors in the electroplating process affect the gloss of the finished plated parts.Therefore,when the quality inspection of the plated products is qualified,it is an indispensable step to check the plated products gloss with a gloss tester.The Linshang LS192 gloss tester is exquisitely compact and easy to carry.It has a standard board fouling self-diagnosis function to ensure that measurement deviation will not be caused by the standard board fouling.It also has temperature compensation and is stable in value,allowing long-period calibration.It is convenient for you to measure the gloss.



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