Application of Gloss Meter in Black Silk Screen Glass Industry

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Silk screen glass is actually glass silk screen printing refers to the process of adding a silk screen to the glass.The main difference is between manual silk screen printing and machine silk screen printing.Black silk screen glass is printed on the black glass surface and then the ink is cured to make the pattern solid on the glass surface.The main procedures include stretching, sizing, drying, printing, development and drying.

silk screen glass

1. The classification of black silk screen glass

Black silk screen glass is mainly divided into frosted glass and ordinary glass.The gloss requirements of frosted glass and ordinary glass are different.The gloss value of frosted glass is relatively low, while the ordinary glass has a relatively high gloss value due to the smooth surface.The gloss value of the glass is usually measured with a gloss meter.

2. Why do we use gloss meter to measure gloss value?

Gloss is the visual perception of a person,but it is actually a surface property.It is also an important indicator for etching AG glass.The gloss value of black silk screen glass is generally 15-135 GU and the gloss value of 15-45 GU is usually the value of the whiteboard.50-90GU is the gloss of conventional electronic products and above 90GU is the gloss value of the car glass.

3. How to measure the gloss of the black silk screen glass surface?

The gloss value is mainly divided into three types,high gloss,medium gloss and low gloss. The high gloss value is above 70 GU, which is generally measured with a 20 degree gloss meter. The medium gloss value is 10-70 GU,usually measured with a 60 degree gloss meter.A low gloss value of 10 GU or less is usually measured with a gloss meter at 85 degree.
     It can be seen from the above measurement angle.The 60 degree gloss meter is the most widely used instrument for all measurement angles.It is also used as a reference for low gloss and high gloss surfaces.In general,the gloss value of black silk screen glass is measured by a 60 degree gloss meter. And we distinguish different measurement angles for better resolution.But with modern technology, even 60 degree gloss meter with high resolution will achieve the same effect as the 20 degree and 85 degree.

4. Linshang LS191 gloss meter

LS191 gloss meter

The Linshang LS191 gloss meter is made of aluminum with beautiful appearance and compact size,it is a universal 60 degree gloss meter.The meter has high precision and ensure the passing of the Chinese national authority measurement and testing institutions.The gloss meter has the following main features:

  • Real-time measurement 

  • The instrument has powerful intelligent statistics function, which can count the maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation value and measurement times. The statistical results are directly displayed on the interface.

  • The instrument has temperature compensation function and the measurement data is stable.

  • The instrument supports USB transmission, combined with special operating software which can be connected with the computer and complete the test report.

The Linshang gloss meter not only has high measurement accuracy, but also good after-sales service.It is your best choice for gloss measurement.



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