How to Choose the Right Gloss Meter?

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1.What is gloss meter?

  Gloss meter (also known as gloss checker) is an instrument used to measure the specular reflection (such as gloss) of the object surface.Gloss is determined by projecting a light beam onto a surface at a fixed intensity and angle then measuring the amount of reflected light at equal but opposite angles.

2.How to choose the right gloss meter?

Determine whether the object surface you want to measure is flat.If the object surface is flat, you can use a traditional gloss meter to measure it. Curved surfaces should be measured using equipment specifically designed for this type of gloss application. For example,a portable handheld gloss meter. The instrument is small and convenient for measurement. However,the optical aperture measured by the instrument needs to cover part of the measured object surface.

3.To choose the correct gloss meter,we need to consider the gloss of the measured object and the measurement range of the gloss meter.

"Measurement angle" refers to the angle between incident light and reflected light.Three measurement angles (20 °,60 ° and 85° ) can measure the gloss of most coatings.The angle is selected based on the gloss range of the object.We can use 60 degree gloss meter to measure the object,if the gloss exceeds 70GU,we can use 20 degree gloss meter.If the gloss is less than 20GU, an 85-degree gloss meter can be used. If you can't judge the surface gloss of the object you need to measure,you can buy a universal 60 degree gloss meter.With the continuous improvement of the gloss meter's resolution, the measurement angle of 60 degrees can meet the measurement requirements of most objects.
     For high-gloss objects,it is recommended to use Linshang LS192
portable gloss meter.This gloss meter is a wide range gloss meter with a measurement range up to 1000GU.It can be used to test the surface gloss of paints,coatings,inks,plastics,paper,tiles,ceramics,stone,metal and electroplated products. The test data is comparable to the German BYK gloss meter.

LS192 gloss meter

LS192 Portable Gloss Meter



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