Test Ultraviolet Aging Test Box with UV Intensity Meter

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The inside of the UV aging test box can provide different UV light, temperature, water spray and moisture interactive cycling test environments to accelerate the aging test of the tested samples. This device is mainly used to simulate industrial products that may be exposed to the external environment and provide reliable aging test data for the actual destructiveness of the environment.Then finally predict the aging resistance of industrial products to help enterprises optimize production processes. Due to the phenomenon that the light source decays with the use of the ultraviolet lamp, in order to ensure better test results, a professional UV intensity meter needs to be used to detect the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp.

There are two main types of UV-irradiation lamps in the UV aging test box, namely UVA-340 (315-400nm) and UVB-313 (280-315nm). These two lamps are mainly used to simulate solar light. The two light sources are fundamentally different, so different UV intensity meters are needed to measure their radiation intensity.

  1. UVA-340 mainly emits ultraviolet rays in the UVA band of 340nm. Long-term exposure can simulate outdoor exposure. Detecting UVA at 340nm requires an UV intensity meter that can accept UVA band ultraviolet rays. The main unit of the LS125 UV intensity meter can detect this lamp with a UVA-X1 ultraviolet probe. The spectral response range of this probe is 260- 400nm.

    UV energy meter

  2. UVB-313 mainly emits ultraviolet rays in the UVB band of 313nm, which can accelerate the aging of the tested sample to a greater extent. But because the UVB content in sunlight in the natural environment is low, the UVB lamp may cause more damage than normal, so they are mainly used for some weather-resistant samples or related research. To detect this lamp, the host of the LS125 UV intensity meter can be equipped with a UVA-X1 UV probe. The spectral response range of this probe is 280-315nm.

Although there are professional UV detectors to determine whether the lamp is attenuated and the intensity of the irradiation, in order to extend the service life of the lamp in the UV aging test box, it is still necessary to maintain it from daily use. It is recommended not to turn the lamp on and off frequently. In general, do not turn off the lamp within three hours after lighting the lamp.



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