Application of Gloss Meter in the Development of Cement Products

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In order to improve the appearance quality of cement products, different additives are needed. This article brings you the application of gloss meter in the development of cement products.

1. What factors are related to the gloss of cement products?

Generally speaking, ordinary cement floor has no gloss. Gloss is a specific type of object surface. The degree of gloss depends on the ability of the surface of the object to reflect light. For cement products, even if the surface looks flat, in fact, the cement surface still shows a lot of irregularities. When light hits these uneven surfaces, it is reflected in different directions, so The ground we saw was bleak.

However, after passing through different additives and curing agents, as the hardener product penetrates into the concrete, the uneven pores on the surface are closed. After polishing, the gloss of the floor can be enhanced, and the floor forms a solid whole. When the light shines down, the ground shows a beautiful gloss.

2. Cement product gloss detection method

During the processing of cement products, the differences in the ratio of additives and polishing processes will also cause the gloss of cement products to be affected to varying degrees.

The gloss of an object is distinguished according to its ability to reflect light at specific angles. It is often said that the gloss is a physical quantity that evaluates the ability of a material to produce specular reflection at a set of specified geometric angles. Called "mirror gloss." In theory, gloss is defined as the closeness of the surface's specular reflection ability to the full specular reflection ability. In order to accurately evaluate the surface gloss of cement products, it can be measured by a gloss meter. The gloss meter can accurately measure the surface of high-gloss objects, medium-gloss objects, and matt objects. For unknown gloss of cement products, users can directly detect through the gloss meter on the forest.

Now Linshang Technology has introduced a gloss meter LS192, the first instrument to dare to compare with the German BYK gloss meter.

3. LS192 gloss meter has the following characteristics

(1) Various measurement modes of the instrument, automatic measurement and manual measurement.

(2) Real-time measurement, where to measure where.

(3) It can display real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, mean square, and the smaller the mean square, the more uniform, intuitive and clear.

(4) With ultra-small design, take it with you wherever you go and measure where you go.

(5) The number of storage groups can be set by yourself, and a maximum of 99 sets of data can be measured.

(6) The instrument meets the national metrological verification regulations JJG 696 level gloss meter standard.

(7) Can be connected to the computer to expand more functions, and output professional reports in real time.