Application of Gloss Meter in Plastic Selection

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In recent years, China has promoted "green life" and plastic bags everywhere are slowly withdrawing from our daily lives. But do you think plastic has only this function? of course not! Different plastic products have different gloss. Practitioners often use a gloss meter to measure it. Only plastic products with excellent gloss and good look and feel have unlimited space for development.
      Plastic products can be said to fill every corner of life. Plastic packaging, plastic daily necessities, plastic households, etc. are colorful plastic products with good flexibility and ornamental properties. The inferior quality of plastic products is usually manifested in the surface and does not look shiny or uneven in color. Among them, plastic raw materials, processing technology and fillers are all important factors affecting its surface gloss. Surface gloss may sound like a broad and fuzzy concept, but the gloss meter can be used to quantify this concept, so that people can have a more precise control of plastic gloss.
    Due to the different uses of plastic products, the plastic gloss required is also different. In a practical sense, plastics are not as bright as possible. Many people like matte textures. Such products look high-end and restrained. Therefore, the process of improving the surface gloss of plastics is called incremental modification. Both methods need to be carried out smoothly under the strict control of gloss meter to succeed.
      In most cases, people's demand for plastic products is to improve gloss. The commonly used methods are as follows:
1. Use high-quality plastic raw materials or remove impurities from raw materials as much as possible before making products.
2. Strictly control the amount of release agent, reduce or not apply release agent.
3. When doing the smearing work, smear as smooth as possible to avoid unevenness.
4. Before using the plastic film, ensure that the temperature of the environment is appropriate, or preheat the plastic film
     When practitioners produce plastic products or we buy plastic products, the standards for evaluating the gloss of plastic mirrors are often uniform. Generally, the refractive index range of plastics is generally maintained at 1.4 ~ 1.6 GU and the gloss will be maintained within 70 ~ 110 GU. In addition, the reflective conditions of transparent plastics and translucent plastics are different and cannot be compared with ordinary plastics are compared blindly.
      In specific operations, modern intelligent gloss meters are equipped with an automatic calibration function, which can do both automatic measurement and manual measurement. Linshang
gloss meter LS192 can display the maximum, minimum, real-time value, average and other data related to the performance of plastic products, which is conducive to intuitive and clear discrimination.
     Plastic products bring many benefits to people's lives. Good products require quality manufacturing and careful selection. The gloss meter LS192 is convenient to measure, easy to carry with a huge application space in plastic selection.