Application of Gloss Tester

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The gloss tester has a wide range of applications and measurement ranges. The instrument can test the surface gloss of different materials from plastic to metal. In the process of using the gloss tester, you can measure the gloss difference by standard value or sample value display. In the simple gloss distinction, we can judge the gloss difference by the naked eye. For example, observe whether the granules on the side of the brick are fine and uniform. If the granules are large and rough, the density of the brick will be loose, which will easily cause problems during use. However, for complex tile materials that are not easily distinguished by the naked eye, they need to use a gloss tester for detection. When the uneven gloss of the surface is detected, it indicates that there are impurities in the tile itself. The more impurities reduce the density of the tile and it is prone to fracture and damage during use. Through the gloss tester, it can help consumers to buy tiles with more pure colors and better quality.
      As an instrument for measuring the gloss of materials, a gloss tester can also be used to detect the gloss of glass. According to the JIS standard, the glass surface with a refractive index of 1.567 is measured at an angle of incidence of 60 degrees, and the gloss is set to 100% when the reflectance is 10%. There are many types of gloss tester angles, which can be divided into high, medium and low. Generally high-gloss objects are measured with a low-angle gloss tester. Low-gloss objects are measured with a high-angle gloss tester. In fact, the gloss tester is widely used in 60 and 20 degrees.

gloss tester

The gloss testercan also be applied to the production and purchase of jewelry. Such as pearl, jade and other precious jewelry, the slight deviation of color will greatly affect the beauty and value of the product. Generally, the more pure the color, the more expensive the jewelry with less impurities. So how to check the gloss of these materials? Gloss tester can help us. You can both know the surface gloss value of the object and analyze the chroma value, that is, the fullness of the color and the degree of color harmony. Through the measurement and analysis of the gloss tester, in the production of jewelry and handicrafts, the color can be harmonized to the maximum extent, so that the contrast and transition of the color and the base can meet the human visual effect to the greatest extent.
      The application of gloss tester is very wide. However, please also pay attention that during the use, the user should not subject the gloss tester to severe collisions and blows. Customers can’t disassemble or modify the gloss tester without permission. Any unauthorized changes may damage the gloss tester and reduce its accuracy. It may also cause irreversible damage to the gloss tester.



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