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  In the daily decoration process, furniture paint and wood paint are used more often, such as wood, bamboo and other furniture. Furniture paint can not only make the furniture beautiful, but also effectively protect the furniture from being easily affected by external factors. Furniture paint can be divided into: high-gloss, semi-matte, matte. So how to choose the gloss of decorative furniture paint? Let’s find out:

1.The selection of suitable gloss furniture paint can generally be considered from three aspects

(1) Choose according to personal aesthetics. Generally speaking, people with an introverted and calm personality prefer semi-matte and matte, while young and lively consumers prefer a brighter environment.
      (2) Select by regional popular style and trend. Living in a fast-paced economically developed area, people expect a relatively quiet living environment, so that living and leisure will be more comfortable. At this time, matte or semi-matte is better. On the contrary, in some relatively remote villages, people mostly like bright light.
      (3) Select by function. For example, in the living room and lobby, you should choose a brighter gloss, which is conducive to creating a more warm atmosphere of communication.

2. Testing method for gloss of furniture paint

The paint on the furniture surface usually emits different degrees of gloss. Generally, it is difficult to accurately judge the gloss of the furniture by the naked eye. Therefore, we generally use the furniture glossmeter to detect the gloss of the furniture, such as the Linshang glossmeterLS191. Paint gloss is divided into matte, semi-matte and bright according to the degree. Matte paint is divided into ultra-matte, matte, soft, mercerized, semi-gloss and glossy. The specific division of its gloss from low to high is divided according to the different reflection levels of light.


3.The specific measurement method of Linshang LS191 furniture gloss tester is as follows

(1) Before starting, wipe off the standard board with a special lens cloth. Hold the main unit against the lens plate and snap it into the base.
      (2) Remove the lens paper from the standard board and press the power button to turn it on. The instrument enters the following interfaces: start-up, warm-up, self-test, calibration and measurement interfaces in turn (approximately 10S).
      (3) After entering the test interface, the instrument can be placed directly on the furniture. The instrument can measure the maximum value, minimum value, real-time value, average value, standard deviation value, current record value and number of statistics. (The default count of the instrument is 10 and the adjustable range is 1-99 times)
      (4) Put the instrument into the base, the instrument will automatically shut down after 3 minutes without any operation. (Put the instrument into the base and turn off automatically after counting 15 times).



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