How to Detect the Gloss of Wooden Surface?

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In terms of environmental protection, the water-based paint is environmentally friendly, the paint film is relatively soft but the price is relatively expensive. Formaldehyde is present in other types of paint, but the problem is that the amount of release exceeds the standard. The paint has a thickness and the varnish can clearly enlarge the wood grain. You can use Linshang gloss meter to test the surface gloss of the paint. The surface gloss of the paint can beautify the ugly wood, so it is still highly recommended by businesses. .
       Wood wax oil is very popular in foreign markets now, and it is very few in the domestic mainstream stores. It is also used more in the e-commerce field. Wood wax oil is a natural and environmentally friendly material that can be used with confidence.


Varnish is a kind of coating that consists of a resin as the main film-forming substance plus a solvent. Its main ingredients are resin , solvent and oil. The solvent will contain a certain amount of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde and benzene. The varnish will leave a layer of paint on the surface of the wood to protect it. In addition, paint can also make the wood surface more shiny.

Wood wax oil:

The main ingredients are linseed oil, thistle oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and carnauba wax, etc. The use of wood wax oil will no longer form a paint film on the surface of wood.
       The surface gloss of solid wood furniture is extremely important. The gloss of furniture paint is an index to measure the price of furniture. If the gloss is uniform, the price will be more expensive. Usually, the gloss of furniture will be tested by furniture gloss tester.
       The Linshang furniture gloss tester LS191 uses a universal 60 °, which is not only small in size but also high in accuracy. And it is produced in accordance with the national inspection regulations (JJG 696).

How to use paint gloss tester LS191?

First press the button to boot and enter the test interface after the calibration is completed. The display interface can display the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, mean square error value, current recorded value, measurement times and statistics. After testing the furniture, place the instrument on the standard board and it will automatically shut down in 15 seconds.

furniture gloss tester

The furniture gloss testerLS191 does not need to be pressed during testing. As long as the instrument is placed on the furniture, the test data is immediately displayed. Press the power button to record the current test data and automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, average, and mean square error. The smaller the mean square error value, the more uniform of the furniture surface gloss.
       Furniture gloss tester LS191, not only can be used in the furniture industry, but also widely used in ink, plastic, paper, ceramic tile, stone, car maintenance, molding mold, metal coating and other industries to measure the surface gloss of materials.