How is Furniture Paint Gloss Measured?

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1. What is furniture paint?

Solid wood furniture paint is generally divided into oily wood paint and water-based wood paint.
     Oily wooden paint itself contains many harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, free TDI, etc. It is very pungent and uncomfortable in smell. Generally, regular manufacturers will not choose paints that are harmful to human health.
     Water-based wood lacquer, water-based wood lacquer is composed of 40% water, 30% resin emulsion, 25% pigment filler,5% additives and other harmless ingredients. The furniture feel and texture of this paint is also very comfortable, but this paint on the market is relatively expensive.

2. What are the requirements for furniture paint primer?

Preparations before paint construction: basic treatment: remove oxide scale, rust spots, oil stains, lime soil, moisture, acid on the surface of the material that have an impact on service life.
     Tools: Commonly used are sanders, spray guns, air pumps, spatulas, brushes, etc.

3. What kind of paint is used on the furniture?

 It should be polyester paint and polyester resin is the main film-forming substance. Unsaturated polyester paint is commonly used in high-end furniture, which is also known as piano paint.

4. Furniture paint surface gloss test

 The gloss of furniture paint is an indicator to judge the quality of furniture. If the gloss is uniform, the price will be more expensive. Usually, the gloss of furniture will be tested by paint gloss tester.
     Furniture paint not only makes the appearance of wooden furniture more beautiful, but also plays a role in maintenance.

paint gloss meter

Linshang paint gloss meterLS191 uses a universal 60 °. The instrument has high accuracy and stable gloss data. And it is produced in accordance with the national inspection regulations (JJG 696).

5. How to use paint gloss meter LS191?

First press the button to boot and enter the test interface after the calibration is completed.  There is no need to press the button during the measurement. The display interface can display the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, mean square error value, current recorded value, measurement times and statistics. After testing, place the paint gloss meter on the standard board, the meter will automatically shut down in 15 seconds.



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