Why Do We Use UV Radiometer to Test UV Lamps?

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The UV radiometer is produced along with the use of UV lamps. We might as well compare it to a high-precision "monitoring" instrument that allows users to know the quality of UV lamps in a timely manner. Many users often ignore UV radiometer while using UV lamps. So why do you need a UV radiometer to monitor the use of UV lamps?

Ultraviolet intensity monitor of ultraviolet light can effectively reduce the harm of ozone to the human body. First, the ultraviolet lamp generates ozone during the irradiation process. Ozone is an irritating gas. Long-term inhalation can irritate the respiratory mucosa and damage the respiratory tract. The International Ambient Air Quality Standard proposes that the limit concentration of ozone that humans can accept within one hour is 260ug / m3. One hour of activity in an ozone environment can cause cough, dyspnea and decreased lung function. In addition, ozone can also participate in the reaction of unsaturated fatty acids, amino groups and other proteins in the body, making people who have been directly exposed to high concentrations of ozone for a long time have symptoms such as pulse acceleration and vision loss. Therefore, UV radiometers are very important. Unqualified UV lamps will produce a large amount of ozone, which will bring great harm to human health. Through the detection data of ultraviolet intensity monitoring, it can timely screen out unqualified ultraviolet lamps during the production process, prevent inferior products from being sold to the market, and timely discover bad quality ultraviolet lamps.

Ultraviolet light monitor can effectively reduce the harm to human body caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation. After prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, the skin may become cancerous. Prolonged exposure not only affects the epidermis, but also hurts internal tissue structure. Excessive ultraviolet radiation can cause conjunctivitis. For some low-quality UV lamps, there will be more than ten seconds when the switch is on and the human body will be exposed to UV rays. News reports have also explained that unqualified UV lamp sterilization can cause eye burns. The source of burns caused by such unqualified UV lamp irradiation is that the UV lamp is not detected in time. The irradiation intensity of the UV lamp has attenuated. Therefore, in the process of using the ultraviolet lamp, it is necessary to cooperate with the UV radiometer to check in time. 

UV radiometer

When using a UV radiometer, you should first test the radiation intensity of the new UV lamp before using it to determine whether it is qualified. Self-test every two months during use and continuously use the UV lamp for more than 1,000 hours. Test it once. Through the test results, the working intensity of the lamp can be known in time to ensure the quality of air disinfection. The use of ultraviolet lamps beyond the prescribed time limit, or the installation of a violet lamp that does not have a strong disinfection effect, will cause the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp to be unreasonable. These need to be identified by the monitoring results of the UV radiometer.

Besides this multi-probe uv meter, Bluetooth uvc meter is also provided to measure the uv light radiation intensity of the 253.7nm germicidal lamp.



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