Requirements and Gloss Test of Parquet

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1. Requirements for the gloss of parquet

The common application of different parquet will be different. At present, there is no uniform standard in the country. As long as it meets the relevant requirements of quality inspection. Commonly used parqueting can be matte, high-gloss, etc. due to the variety of paint film on the surface and the difference in polishing process.
       If it is the parquet in the bedroom, you can choose products with matte gloss so that it will not be too glare when resting. If you know the floor of the living room or hotel lobby, you need to have high gloss and bright parquet. Therefore, users can choose parquet with different glossiness according to the specific use scene.

2. Reasons for poor gloss of solid wood flooring

(1) The differences in the raw materials for spray painting of parquet and the difference in the gloss quality of different paint materials may lead to poor spray gloss.
       (2) The surface of the parquet has not been treated, resulting in a flat surface. The paint film of the parquet produced in this way will also be unevenly coated, which will affect the gloss of the product.
       (3) After long-term use of parquet, stains and dust on the surface will affect its gloss.

3. Floor gloss meter detects the gloss of parquet

In the production process of parquet, many factors will affect its surface gloss characteristics. In order to accurately evaluate the gloss of parquet, you can use a floor gloss meter.

floor gloss meter

The natural gloss and color of natural wood lacquer have unique decorative properties, which can not only increase the aesthetic value of parquet, but also make it durable. It is an ideal coating for parquet. But the gloss of wood lacquer is divided into high-gloss, semi-matte and matte. Generally, the floor gloss meter is used to measure the gloss of parquet.
       Linshang floor gloss meter operation methods: first press the power button to turn on, it will prompt whether to perform calibration, press YES to calibrate. Press NO, calibration is not performed under (calibration is generally not recommended for errors within 1GU).
       Then the instrument enter the test interface. The interface can display real-time values, maximum values, minimum values, average values, standard deviation values, current recorded values, measured times and counted times. The smaller the standard deviation, the more uniform the gloss. Put it on the surface of parquet, press the power button, you can record the current test data and automatically count.
       After testing the gloss of the parquet, as long as the instrument is closed to the base of the standard board, the instrument will automatically shut down. Floor gloss meter LS191 is an instrument produced in accordance with national standards and meets the requirements of a first-class working machine in the metrological verification regulations.