Use Floor Gloss Meter To Evaluate the Gloss of the Floor

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1. Is the difference in floor gloss a quality issue?

Generally speaking, the difference in floor gloss is not a quality issue. Gloss is a characteristic of the floor surface. The gloss depends on the ability of the object surface to reflect light specularly. Due to the choice of raw materials for the floor and the impact of processing technology, it is normal for the gloss to differ.
       However, for users, if the gloss of the floor differs greatly, it will affect the overall decorative effect of the room. Therefore, in order to improve the appearance quality of the floor, we suggested that the floor manufacturer can test the floor gloss through a professional floor gloss meter to ensure that the difference in floor gloss is within a reasonable range. This not only improves the product quality, but also can monitor floor production processes.

2. How to evaluate the difference in floor gloss?

When observing the gloss of the floor through human eyes, it is difficult to accurately judge the gloss of the floor due to the influence of the light source, the viewing angle and the observer's own factors. But the floor gloss meter can solve this problem very well. The floor gloss meter is composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is composed of an incandescent light source and a group of lenses. It generates a certain required incident beam. The receiver consists of a lens and a photosensitive element, which is used to receive the cone beam reflected from the sample surface. The relative measurement of the specular gloss of the object surface at a specified geometric angle can avoid the subjective judgment influence of human eyes. The measurement result is more accurate.


When evaluating the difference in gloss of the floor, there may be differences in gloss of different areas of the same floor, differences in gloss of the same batch of floors and gloss of different batches of the floor. Therefore, the evaluation of gloss will be different. For the same floor gloss difference, you can choose different areas for testing and set the upper or lower limits to detect whether the floor surface has uniform gloss.
       For the difference in gloss of the same batch of floors, you can choose a standard sample to evaluate and compare the gloss of the standard sample to evaluate whether the gloss of the batch meets the requirements. For different batches of floor gloss, generally there are no strict requirements. The color difference and gloss difference of different batches of floor products are allowed by the industry. When selecting the floor, the user should check whether the floor belongs to the same batch of floor.

3. LS192 floor gloss meter features

floor gloss meter

Feature one: LS192 floor gloss meter not only has a very exquisite exterior appearance, but also has a super metallic texture.
       Feature two: LS192 floor gloss meter is the first gloss testing equipment that can be compared with gloss meter BYK. It prompts the user to clean the standard board in order to complete the correct calibration (the use of a contaminated standard board will seriously affect the measurement accuracy).
       Feature 3: The first domestic instrument with temperature compensation function. Even if the external temperature changes, the instrument can automatically adjust the luminous efficiency to ensure the same luminous flux.
       Feature four: The entire instrument has only one button, which is easy to operate; the instrument displays real-time values, maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation and number of measurements.
       Feature five: low power consumption, continuous use for 48 hours; good repeatability, the error does not exceed ± 0.2GU; good reproducibility, the error is no more than ± 0.5GU between batches.