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Germicidal lamp is a device that can emit ultraviolet light. It is a necessary tool for observing the fluorescence and phosphorescence characteristics of samples. It is also a physical method for sterilization and disinfection. It is widely used in medical, health and epidemic prevention, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other departments.

It is very important to use UV germicidal lamps correctly to ensure the sterilization effect and extend the service life of the lamp. So, what are the precautions for UV lamp disinfection?

I. Precautions for the use of germicidal lamps

1. Ensure the correct disinfection method

Ultraviolet rays are mostly used for disinfection of air and surface of objects. Used for air disinfection, the effective distance is not more than 2m, the irradiation time is 30 ~ 60min. It is used for article disinfection, the effective distance is 25 ~ 60cm, the irradiation time is 20-30min. Generally, the time starts from 5-7min. 3-10 minutes are needed for the light to be stable before application; UV disinfection time and the UV lamp intensity also have a certain relationship, you can use the UV intensity tester to detect the anti-virus intensity of the UV lamp.

2. The germicidal lamp must be intact and correctly used

germicidal lamp

At the same time, the lamp should be regularly monitored with an UV intensity tester. The UV intensity tester detects that the intensity of the germicidal lamp is less than 70uwc / the liner should be replaced in time. The lamp tube should be kept clean. The lamp tube surface should be lightly tested with an alcohol cotton ball every 1 to 2 weeks to remove dust and grease to reduce the factors that affect the penetration of ultraviolet light;

3. Keep the treatment room clean and dry at any time

Wipe the treatment room with a special rag soaked with disinfectant every day. Mop the ground with a special mop to reduce dust and water mist. When the temperature is lower than 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃. The relative humidity is greater than 60%, the irradiation time should be properly extended; When the UV intensity tester detects that the germicidal lamp intensity is weak, the irradiation time should also be appropriately extended.

4. Irradiate the object directly

When sterilizing the surface of articles with ultraviolet rays, the irradiation surface should be directly irradiated with ultraviolet rays. Sufficient radiation dose should be reached. When disinfecting air, open all cabinet doors and drawers, etc., to ensure that all spaces in the treatment room are fully exposed. Get ultraviolet radiation, disinfect as far as possible without dead ends;

5. No harm to people

During the disinfection process, the ultraviolet light source must not be exposed to people, especially the eyes, so as not to cause damage.

II. UV intensity tester used to test germicidal lamp

UV intensity tester

  1. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp will gradually decline in intensity with the prolonged use time. In addition, it is also a misunderstanding to achieve the effect of disinfection by prolonged exposure. The UV intensity tester is needed for the detection of the UV germicidal lamp irradiation intensity.

  2. Long-term exposure to short-wave UVC ultraviolet rays will have a certain impact on the human body, so the ultraviolet radiation intensity is an important factor related to the sterilization effect. We should improve the ultraviolet radiation intensity. The best way is to use the UV intensity tester LS126C. The germicidal lamp in use should be monitored every six months. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp should be replaced when the lamp intensity is less than 70W / cm2. For the intensity of the new lamp, the normal 30W straight-tube germicidal lamp should not be less than 90W / cm2. The intensity of 30W high-intensity germicidal lamps shall not be less than 180W / cm2.

  3. LS126C UV intensity tester operation method: 

  4. Turning on the germicidal lamp, wait for 5 minutes

  5. Place the UV intensity tester below 1m vertical distance the center of the germicidal lamp to be inspected. After stabilization, the test data is the irradiance value of this germicidal lamp.

If you also need to test the uv irradiation intensity of the UVA,UVB bands, Linshang LS125 UV light meter is recommended. It is a multi-probe UV light meter that can be equipped with 9 probes. Among the 9 probes, LS125+UVC LED-X0 probe UVC meter is used to test the uv irradiation intensity of the UVC LED light sources.



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