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The arrival of the new corona virus has made us unable to take precautions. We all know that the qualified ultraviolet germicidal lamp detected by the UV light intensity meter can kill the new corona virus, so can the virus in the air conditioner be eliminated by this method?  It is not difficult to imagine that in an approximately confined space, the gas exhaled by an infectious patient spreads quickly, just like a drop of ink dripping into a glass of water, which will quickly blacken the entire glass of water. Infectious diseases and bacteria are transmitted to other people in the space through the air circulation of the air conditioner. Even if it is a common cold, the "effect" is the same. The central air conditioner can even transmit an infectious disease in a room to people in other rooms through ventilation ducts. This transmission is "efficient" and almost inevitable. To sterilize the flowing air, only ultraviolet, filtering and electrostatic dust removal and sterilization devices can be used. The best way is to use ultraviolet germicidal lamp with an UV light intensity meter.

ultraviolet germicidal lamp

Filtration removes bacteria and viruses through very small holes in the filter device. This filter device is obviously easy to cause wind resistance and high cost. It can only be used in some high-end places, such as aircraft. Electrostatic sterilization is to achieve the purpose of sterilization after electrostatic adsorption. At a tuyere with a large air flow, a high sterilization rate cannot be achieved. Ultraviolet rays are sterilized in the form of radiated ultraviolet light waves. The UV lamp can transmit air. As long as it is irradiated by UV rays, it can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. In addition, it is a physical disinfection method without secondary pollution. This is a powerful and reliable sterilization method.

Literature and practice show that the ultraviolet sterilization efficiency is directly related to the ultraviolet dose. The ultraviolet dose is the product of ultraviolet intensity and time. The ultraviolet intensity can be measured and calculated. After the product is made, the UV light intensity meter is used for sterilization detection. 

Ultraviolet rays can sterilize three types of objects, such as air, water and object surfaces. Air sterilization has been in hospitals for decades. The "Disinfection Technical Specifications" issued by the Ministry of Health clearly stipulates: ultraviolet germicidal lamps can be used for disinfection of indoor air in hospitals. The irradiation time of at least 1.5 watts per cubic meter should be no less than 30 minutes. The premise is that a qualified ultraviolet germicidal lamp is tested by an UV light intensity meter. This method is called the static air direct irradiation method. Its shortcomings are: 

  1. The place where it can not be irradiated cannot be sterilized. 

  2. The person cannot be present during disinfection.

In recent years, a so-called dynamic air disinfection machine has appeared in hospitals, which can just make up for the above two defects. The working principle of this air sterilizer is to circulate the indoor air and sterilize the air passing through the sterilizer to achieve sterilization. The structure of the sterilizer mostly uses the indoor unit of the household air conditioner.

Air conditioners have the function of air circulation. As long as the germicidal lamp passed the UV light intensity meter is qualified, it is equivalent to the air conditioner plus dynamic disinfection machine, which becomes a two-in-one product. Turning on the air conditioner often needs to close the environment. The closed environment is more likely to accumulate bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to install ultraviolet germicidal lamps in the air conditioner. It will play an important role in preventing various infectious diseases transmitted through the air.

UV light intensity meter

The LS126C UV light intensity meter independently developed and produced by Linshang Technology is definitely a leader among many instruments on the market. The latest version of the LS126C UV light intensity meter has Bluetooth function. It can be connected to a dedicated mobile phone App to achieve wireless monitoring of UV intensity.

The LS126C UV light intensity meter also has an intelligent statistical function, which displays real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, measurement duration, date and time. Curve display is used to analyze the change trend of the luminous intensity after the lamp is lit. A variety of functions are available for you to analyze the stability of the lamp and better detect the usage of the lamp.