Window Tint Meter | Is Heat-insulation glass film Really Useful?

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In some cities in the south, the high temperatures in summer make people miserable. Even indoors, they will inevitably suffer from high temperatures. Although air conditioners have basically gained popularity, air conditioners are still a high-energy-consumption cooling machine. They also have harmful effects on the environment and human health. The emergence of thermal heat-insulation glass film has simultaneously solved the two major problems of summer heat and environmental pollution.

1. Functional effect of thermal heat-insulation glass film 

Nowadays, most of the heat-insulation glass films are pasted with a transparent film on the installed windows. Regular heat-insulation glass films can reduce the indoor temperature by more than 5-8 degrees and filter 99% of ultraviolet rays without air conditioning. Not only is the thermal insulation performance good, but the thermal heat-insulation glass film also has some significant effects in other aspects.

  1. High thermal insulation performance: The architectural film is a high-grade thermal reflective window film and its total solar energy blocking rate can be as high as 79%.

  2. Good safety and explosion-proof performance: The architectural glass film can not only improve the strength of the window glass, but also stick the broken glass pieces together during the explosion, which can greatly reduce the injuries caused by people and property.

  3. Anti-scratch: The outer layer of the architectural membrane is coated with a hardened layer. This architectural membrane with anti-scratch function can effectively prevent the membrane surface from being abraded and scratched, which is convenient for the daily cleaning and maintenance of architectural window glass. .

  4. High definition: the use of high-quality optical polyester film substrate and advanced production technology, product clarity is extremely high. The transmittance of high-end products can reach more than 70%, the haze can be less than 1% and acute angle scattering can be equivalent to high-grade glass; the transmittance of special products for plateau areas can reach 80%.

2. How to identify the authenticity of heat-insulation glass film ?

  1. Smell the taste. Inferior heat-insulation glass film  will emit a strong pungent odor. When the temperature rises, the taste will be aggravated. Due to the cost and process level, toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene are added to the production; High-quality heat-insulation glass film exudes a faint glue taste, basically no taste, healthy and environmentally friendly.

  2. Look at the colors. High-quality architectural heat-insulation glass film has a bright and uniform color and texture. The colored layer is in the film layer and is not easy to fade. The quality of the poor-quality heat-insulation glass film looks low in gloss and does not have stains. It is mainly mixed with the glue layer. 

  3. Look at the clarity. High-quality architectural heat-insulation glass film is very clear. Objects are not easy to deform, while poor-quality heat-insulation glass film is prone to water ripples. Over time, they will foam. This is due to the release of formaldehyde gas. Toxic, blistering will also affect our outdoor beauty appreciation.

  4. Using professional instruments, the window tint metercan directly display the visible light transmittance of the tested material, the transmittance and rejection rate of infrared and ultraviolet rays. Use different expressions to show customers the optical properties of heat-insulation glass film, so that customers can better experience the heat-shielding and UV-shielding effects of different products.

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