Gloss Tester | How to Avoid Tile Light Pollution?

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Ceramic tiles are very common in our daily life, especially when they are used for decoration, they can be used on walls and floors to make the whole house look beautiful and bright. Guests will also feel that the house is simple and elegant. However, indoor light pollution is easily overlooked by us. Inferior tiles are the main culprits that cause indoor light pollution.

Generally speaking, the light reflection coefficient of qualified and regular tiles is less than 80%, while the tiles with additives that act as "white" have a light reflection coefficient of more than 90%. Although it can make the room look very bright, but in actual life, it will seriously damage our eyes and even cause cataracts for a long time. Some types of ceramic tiles, such as antique tiles, etc., we can use special techniques to increase the gloss of the tile surface. If you do not pay attention to the problem of tile light pollution during decoration, our physical and mental health will be affected. In this regard, we will tell you in detail in this article the hazards of tile light pollution and how to choose tiles with gloss tester.

1. What are the hazards of tile light pollution?

First, tile light pollution can harm our eyes. Too strong light reflection will stimulate the retina, which affects the health of vision and even cataracts. The impact of this pollution on children is more serious, damaging their retinas and irises.
       Secondly, our physical health will also have a cascading reaction. At the same time that the visual function is impaired, neurasthenia, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, abnormal mood and even severe loss of appetite will also appear one by one. Some experts believe that this is caused by light pollution that interferes with the function of the higher nerves in the central brain.

2. How to avoid the problem of ceramic tile light pollution?

When decorating, many people pay too much attention to the aesthetics of soft and hard outfits and ignore their practicality. A lot of colorful tiles and lights are arranged, and then they do not know how to correctly select and identify fake and inferior tiles, which will cause the problem of light pollution. In order to solve the problem of ceramic tile light pollution, we will start with the selection of tiles.

(1) Choose the right type of tiles

There are many kinds of ceramic tiles, such as glazed tiles, full-body tiles, vitrified tiles and antique tiles, etc. Tiles have a large light reflection coefficient, so you should avoid buying as much as possible. 

(2) Choose a regular brand

Regular brand tiles will be tested on a series of standards before leaving the factory, including water absorption, gloss, etc., where gloss is a major factor that affects the existence of tile light pollution. If you are not at ease, you can use Linshang LS191 gloss tester (tile light pollution) to make your own test to ensure that the gloss value of the tile is within the normal range.

(3) Don't buy polished tiles

The light reflection coefficient of the polished tiles will be relatively large, which is easy to cause indoor light pollution. If you use polished tiles, it is best to use the Linshang LS191 gloss tester to detect the tile gloss level. In addition, try to turn on small lights in your home Avoid direct light or affect your eyes through reflection.
       The above are answers to questions related to tile light pollution. Light pollution is often overlooked in our lives, but it also poses a potential threat to our health. Therefore, to eliminate it, we must start with decoration, starting with the purchase of tiles and lights, so that we can enjoy a better home life.