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There are two gloss meters LS191 and LS192 invented by Linshang Technology. The biggest difference between the two instruments is the measurement range. The measurement range of the LS191 is 0-200GU and the measurement range of the LS192 is 0-1000GU. All the indicators of the instrument have reached the working requirements of the first class machine in the national JJG 696-2002 "mirror gloss meter and gloss plate".

1. Linshang Gloss Meter composition  

The Linshang LS191 and the LS192 gloss meters are mainly composed of a base and an instrument. The instrument mainly includes a display screen, a power button, a USB interface and a mark indicating the measurement position.  The base mainly includes a base and a standard board. These two instruments are widely used in the surface gloss testing of paints, decorative materials, ceramics, stone products, bamboo and wood products, building materials, film paper, automotive maintenance, leather products, printing inks, molding dies, metal plating and many other fields. 

LS191 gloss tester

2. Features of the Linshang gloss meter:

  1. The instrument has a very powerful statistical function to count the number of measurements, maximum, minimum, average values and standard deviation.

  2. The instrument does not need to press the button during the measurement and the measurement data is displayed in real time.

  3. The instrument has a temperature compensation function, the measurement value is stable and long-cycle calibration is allowed.

  4. The instrument has a USB interface, equipped with dedicated operating software and the computer can complete the test report.Adopt aviation aluminum and compact design. The instrument is easy to carry.

  5. The instrument has low power consumption, built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

LS192 gloss meter

3. Tips when using gloss meter

  1. Make sure the standard board is clean and the main unit is snapped into the base before operation. If the host is not activated on the base, the self-test will not be performed and the measurement mode will be entered directly.

  2. After the base is removed from the main unit, it should be stored in a clean place to avoid the standard version.

  3. The instrument has a temperature compensation function and it is recommended to calibrate once a week.If the ambient temperature changes significantly,it needs to be recalibrated.

  4. The surface of the test object and the test port need to be fitted to prevent external light from leaking.

  5. When not in use, please put the instrument into the base to shut down.

4. Gloss Meter after-sales service

The warranty period of the instrument is one year. If the instrument is broken down,the entire instrument can be sent to the company for repair.Provide users with long-term spare parts and provide lifetime maintenance services. Free technical support and instrument inspection services.



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