How to Select Paint Gloss Meter?

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1. What are the brands of automotive paint gloss meter?

At present, there are many brands of paint gloss meter on the market, mainly divided into imported paint gloss meter brands and Chinese paint gloss meter brands. After years of development, the Chinese paint gloss meter has gradually narrowed the gap with the imported paint gloss meter. Moreover, the first-tier domestic paint gloss meter brands are not inferior to imported products. Among them, Linshang Technology is a popular Chinese paint gloss meter brand.
        Linshang portable paint gloss meter can be used for surface gloss test of products such as paint, coating, ink, plastic, paper, ceramic tile, ceramic, stone, metal and electroplated layer. It is a 60 degree angle gloss meter with a measurement range up to 1000GU, the test data is comparable to the German BYK gloss tester.

2. How to choose paint gloss meter?

At present, the commonly used paint gloss detection method is by using professional paint gloss meter and the most used paint gloss meters are mainly 60-degree paint gloss meters. Under different test angles, the resulting glossiness is also different. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a well-known paint gloss meter brand. Linshang 60-degree paint gloss meter is a good choice.

paint gloss meter

LS191 paint gloss meter

The 60-degree paint gloss meter is a single-angle paint gloss meter with a test angle of 60 °. Since the 60-degree projection angle is a universal test angle, the 60-degree paint gloss meter is widely used in coatings, paints, paper, ceramics, furniture , printing, plastic, electroplating and other industries.

3. How much is the common paint gloss?

The paint gloss can be divided according to the following gloss, generally gloss above 75GU can be called high gloss and gloss between 50-75 GU can be called flat paint, 10-50 GU is called matte paint. Gloss below 10 GU can be called matte paint. (The measuring angles are all 60 °) This division standard is suitable for the determination of paints and is not suitable for detecting the paint glosss containing metal pigments.
        If the data obtained using the 60-degree paint gloss meter LS191 is less than 10GU, the gloss of the tested material can be judged to be low gloss. If the data is greater than 70GU, it is a high-gloss material, if it is between 10GU and 70GU, it is a medium-gloss material. If the data exceeds 200GU, you can use the 60-degree paint gloss meter with a larger range, such as Linshang Technology LS192 paint gloss meter. This model has a range of up to 1000GU, which can be said to be widely used in major industries.



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