Linshang UV Energy Meter Detect UV LED Light Source

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1. The role of UV LED light source in UV curing technology

As a modern technology, the characteristics and advantages of UV curing are still quite distinct. Compared with the traditional drying technology, the light source in the UV curing equipment uses the energy radiated by the ultraviolet to dry and cure the corresponding products. This working principle not only greatly saves processing time, but also guarantees the final curing effect of the product. Well, the industry has always attached great importance to the light source of ultraviolet curing equipment. The two most common light sources we have on the market are high-pressure mercury lamps and UV LED light sources.
        High-pressure mercury lamps have always been the standard lamps used in UV curing equipment, but in recent years UV LED light sources have also occupied an important position by virtue of many advantages. The UV LED light source mainly emits a single wave of ultraviolet light. The spectrum of this ultraviolet light becomes much narrower and the low temperature reduces the serious consequences caused by thermal damage. However, the specific energy value of the light source is often inseparable from the accurate measurement of the UV energy meter.

2. UV LED light source advantages

(1) Long service life 

Compared with the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp, the UV LED light source has longer service life. In the field of ultraviolet curing, every time the device is turned on and then off. The service life of the high-pressure mercury lamp will be affected by frequently turn on and off. In addition, high-pressure mercury lamps also require frequent maintenance and repair by technicians. Curing equipment made of UV LED light sources does not require repeated repairs and the cost is low.

(2) High energy and stable

Due to the high purity of the ultraviolet radiation band of the UV LED light source, the energy it emits is also quite uniform and can maintain high stability after a long period of use. In contrast, the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp does not have a uniform size spot. The ultraviolet spectrum is wide so the rays are uneven. The detection of specific ultraviolet energy and wavelength band also needs to rely on the UV energy meter.

(3) Low heat

We should all know that the high-pressure mercury lamp uses its ultra-high power and ultra-high temperature to work. The UV LED point light source is a cold light source, that is, its working temperature is very low. In this case, it is not easy to deform or damage the cured product easily, but the UV energy value of the UV LED light source must be very accurate (depending on the detection of the UV energy meter), so as to ensure that the final curing effect of the product.

3. Relevant measurement of UV energy meter

Through the analysis of the above points, we can initially understand the advantages of UV LED light source. Its ultraviolet band is single and the purity is very high. The high-pressure mercury lamp has a wide ultraviolet spectrum. The energy value that can be effectively cured can only occupy a part of it. However, whether it is a UV LED light source with a single ultraviolet radiation or a high-pressure mercury lamp with a rich ultraviolet band, it is inseparable from the accurate measurement of a UV energy meter.


LS128 UV energy meter

On the one hand, the UV energy meter of Linshang Technology is quite compact in volume and shape design. It can be carried around or used in the measurement of narrow spaces. On the other hand, its actual measurement performance is very scientific and humanized. It can quickly respond to the light source and display common comparison parameters such as maximum and minimum energy. In addition, we can also directly see the power curve through the display.