Multifunctional Exposure Machine UV power puck

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Ultraviolet exposure machine refers to the equipment that transfers the image information on film or other transparent objects to the surface coated with photosensitive material by turning on the light to emit ultraviolet rays with UVA wavelength. The traditional exposure machine uses a high-pressure mercury lamp as the light source for exposure. Because the high-pressure mercury lamp can irradiate a large amount of heat. More and more people are using UV LED light sources in exposure machines. UV LED light source has the advantages of environmental protection, no mercury, no ozone and long service life.

exposure machine
Exposure machine 

Whether it is a high-pressure mercury lamp or a UV LED light source, prolonged use will cause the light source to decay. Once the light source decays, good exposure cannot be achieved. We should regularly check the intensity of the exposure machine light source. Although high-pressure mercury lamps and UV LED light sources are used in the exposure machine industry, the spectra of these two light sources are different. The light source of the high-pressure mercury lamp is relatively wide from 200nm-2000nm, but only 365nm plays a curing role. Therefore, the heat generated by the infrared rays emitted by the high-pressure mercury lamp is wasted. Therefore, the energy consumption of high-pressure mercury lamps is also relatively large. The UV LED light source has a relatively narrow spectrum. We need to use different exposure machine UV power pucks to measure their radiation intensity.

exposure machine uv power pucks
Exposure machine uv power puck

As a professional manufacturer of exposure UV light integrator, Linshang Technology produces different instruments for these two light sources. LS130, LS131. LS130 exposure machine UV power puck has a spectral range of 315nm-400nm and λp = 365nm. LS131 exposure machine UV power puck is a professional instrument for UV LED light source detection. The Linshang UV power puck can detect the power and energy value of UV light source. The UV power puck has wide spectral response, which can test UV LED light sources in various bands such as 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm. It is widely used in UV exposure, UV curing, UV flat printing, optical communications and other industries. If the exposure machine use a UV LED surface light source, we need to check the light source distribution uniformity of the surface light source. The exposure machine UV power puck developed by Linshang Technology has a curve display function. We can look at the distribution of the light source intensity, analyze the uniformity of the light source, or find the decaying light source to replace it.