How to Measure the Thickness of Insulating Glass?

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1. There are four production methods of insulating glass

(1) Gluing method

The method of bonding glass and spacer frames to form hollow glass is the first production method adopted by the United States and Germany. Countries that have successively adopted this method include France, Belgium, the former Soviet Union, Italy, Finland, Yugoslavia and Austria.

(2) Welding method

The high-frequency electric furnace is used to heat the edges of the two glasses to the softening temperature at the same time. Then press the edges with a press to make the four sides of the two glasses pressed together. The interior is filled with dry air to maintain a certain thickness. Cavity, two pieces of glass are kept parallel to each other 50
        In the mid-generation, the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries used this method of production. The production of insulating glass by this method does not require the use of spacer frames; The thickness of the two glasses must be equal and the components must be the same. The thickness of the original glass is generally 3mm or 4mm.

(3) glue strip method

A method for producing hollow glass with a certain cavity thickness by bonding two pieces of glass around with a strip of adhesive tape adhered on both sides. The desiccant is added to the ingredients of the rubber strip and the rubber strip has two types: a continuous aluminum sheet with a wavy shape and an aluminum sheet without an aluminum sheet. For dozens of years, most of the international hollow glass products have been produced by gluing and welding.

2. Insulating glass thickness detection

After understanding the above four production processes of insulating glass, we must know that the detection of insulating glass thickness is also important. Only when the thickness of insulating glass reaches a certain standard can it meet the national requirements. Generally we can use the Linshang glass thickness meter to detect the specific thickness of the glass.

Linshang Technology has two professional glass thickness meters for measuring the thickness of insulating glass, which are LS200 and LS201.

LS200 glass thickness meter uses scale readings to measure the wall thickness of glass bottles and the thickness of laminated glass windows on one side. It can measure glass thickness up to 70mm and air interlayer 34mm.

LS201 glass thickness meter directly displays the measurement results. It is also possible to measure the thickness of laminated glass and insulating glass windows on one side. It can switch between Chinese and English display. Automatic and manual measurement modes can be switched. It can measure up to 70mm glass thickness and 45mm air interlayer.

Linshang glass thickness meter is small in size and easy to carry. It can detect the thickness of glass and air interlayer at any time and the operation is simple. Both can be measured by national third-party measurement units.