Gloss Meter- Automotive Paint Gloss Test

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1. Factors affecting car paint surface gloss

The gloss of the paint refers to the ability of the car paint surface to reflect light in one direction. If the surface of the paint is rough, it will be diffused and the gloss will be low. If the surface of the paint is smooth and the light is reflected in one direction, the greater the reflected light, the higher the gloss. The intensity of the reflected light on the surface of the car paint depends on the plane or roughness of the paint surface. It also depends on the amount of transmission and reflection of the projected light.

automotive paint surface

2. Why it's necessary to measure the car paint surface gloss?

Judging the gloss quality of automotive paint surface can be based on the uniformity of the paint surface gloss. The car with even paint gloss is very beautiful and the grade will be improved a lot. Especially after the scratch of the car, there is a color difference after scratching. 

3. Gloss meter for car paint surface measurement

  • The Linshang gloss meter LS191 is professionally used to detect the gloss of paint. The measuring angle is a general-purpose 60-degree angle.

  • It meets the requirements of the first-class working machine in the national JJG 696-2002 "mirror gloss meter and gloss plate" metrological verification procedure.

LS191 gloss meter

LS191 gloss meter measure the BMW automotive paint thickness

  •   LS191 gloss meter, with intelligent statistical function, the instrument can automatically calculate the mean square error by detecting paint surface gloss to judge the gloss uniformity of the paint surface. The smaller the mean square difference is, the better the uniformity.

Gloss meter LS191 can help you scientifically identify the uniformity of the gloss of automotive paint.  If you also need to measure the car paint thickness, we also provide many kinds of paint thickness gauge, please read "How to Avoid Traps by Using Car Paint Meter?



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