Gloss Meter 60 Degree Measured the Same Data During the Day and Night?

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The Linshang LS191 is a Gloss Meter 60 Degree. The 60 degree angle gloss meter is a general-purpose gloss meter that can be used to test various materials such as marble gloss, paint gloss, and stone gloss.
    Many customers report that the previously used gloss meter differs in the data obtained during the day and night tests. What caused this?
    This is because many gloss meters on the market do not have temperature compensation function. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the temperatures will affect the accuracy of the instrument.
    The Linshang marble Gloss Meter 60 Degree has a temperature compensation function, and the instrument performs temperature compensation during the test. The data obtained in this test is very small due to temperature.
    In addition to temperature compensation, the LS191 Gloss Meter 60 Degree also features data statistics. The instrument can record up to 99 sets of test data and store it in the instrument. Below the instrument you can view the maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation of multiple sets of gloss data. By looking at these data, we can check whether the gloss of the material surface is uniform.

gloss meter 60 degree

LS191 gloss metermeasure the iPhone back cover gloss

As can be seen from the above figure, this instrument is very compact, with only one button, which is very convenient to operate and carry.

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